How To ‘Shrink’ Your Tummy In Just 24 Hours

by | Dec 25, 2015 | Weight Loss

Uh-oh… You’ve been invited to drinks and that slinky number is screaming your name — but it looks like you swallowed a baby seal. All is not lost. You can have a flat tum within 24 hours (yes, for real!) by following this easy, no-fail weight-loss advice:

Lose The Water Weight

Replace refined carbs with one-cup servings of natural diuretics such as artichokes, asparagus or watercress to flush your system, says dietician Frances Largeman-Roth, author of Eating in Colour.

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De-Puff Your Stuff

“Cucumbers contain caffeic acid, which helps fight swelling,” says Largeman-Roth. It works on more than the bags under your eyes.

Eat More Oranges

Foods high in potassium help short-term shrinkage, says dietician Lauren Slayton. Bananas, cooked spinach and most orange-coloured produce — think sweet potato, gooseberries, apricots and mangoes – are all good sources.

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Drink Water

It’s standard weight-loss advice: reach for the tap. Drinking water really does flush fat, the journal Obesity reports. This is because well-hydrated cells can boost your metabolism.

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