Use These 5 Signs To Tell If A Shy Guy Is Actually Into You

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Sex & Love

How to decipher the “polite flirt”…

It’s a minefield out there… And when the apple of your eye is a shy guy – game over, right? Before you slap down your cards, here’s how to tell if a “polite flirt” is into you – and how to get him to act on it!

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The Shy Guy

You know the type: the dude who asked you out but acts overly formal and won’t touch you 
in the slightest! What gives? According to the journal Nonverbal Behaviour, he’s probably a “polite flirt”– one of the five most common courting styles.


The Why Behind The Shy – And How To Tell If He’s Keen

Introverted men tend to value proper manners and physically move back during convos. The more interested they are, the more reserved they’ll act. Maddening, right? But if he’s nodding his head and saying “yes” a lot, he probably likes you – he’s just slow to open up.

Still feeling a little unsure about his interest? The human body is a beautiful thing – and a dead giveaway… if you know what to look for.

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Here’s a taste of the science: studies show that people can think they already know someone if that person smiles at them – it’s an old trick from our caveman days, when a smile was a way to signal friendliness. Combine that with eye contact, which you hold for a few seconds (it shows you’re trustworthy), and you’ve just entered an age-old screening process: to find out if this person you literally just met is worthy of being your lifelong partner and the father of your children. And you thought it was just innocent flirting!

Your Move

A new US study found that scootching close to him or touching his arm are sure-fire ways to say you’re hot for him. Like that’s a revelation… But it’ll pay off: research shows the polite ones tend to have longer, more meaningful relationships. Ah, bless… Now scootch over!

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