This Summer, Seek The Guidance Of The Fruitful One…

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Partnerships

Turn off your Zoom screen, slip into some slops and take out that towel. The scent of braai is in the air and Mzansi is prepping for summer. Friends, fam, fashion, a chillout session in a hammock… there’s so much to do! But, with all that our beautiful, bountiful country has to offer – with all the options on the patio table – where do you start? How do you make the most of this season of celebration? 

With Sir Fruit’s Summer campaign, of course. 

This Summer, Sir Fruit’s brand campaign is fronted by none other than ‘The Fruitful One.’ This enlightened being – in the form of comedian and entertainer Ebenhaezer Dibakwane – is here to help us ‘Squeeze the day’ the Sir Fruit way. He promises to be here all season, offering his offbeat words of wisdom. Or, as The Fruitful One says:

‘Drink. Play. Love.’

The Fruitful One is the embodiment of Sir Fruit’s quirky and proudly-local brand approach – aiming to add joy to your everyday moments. He is part guru, part guide and part groovy guy in a bucket hat. His mission is to offer advice on how to stay energised, switched on, and ‘like, totally present and kief’ during these holidays. Ebenhaezer is the ideal partner for the brand, adding his unique sense of wit – and matching dress code – to the campaign. Peace out bean sprout!

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Open a bottle of the good stuff

Naturally, Sir Fruit’s ever-growing premium product range plugs perfectly into The Fruitful One’s philosophy. There are now cold-pressed juices (known as ‘Roots & Fruits’), smoothies, cordials and shots – so there’s something for everyone, at every time of the day. But, whatever your choice, remember that ‘life cannot be full if the stomach is empty.’ Thanks, Eb.

Shop the Sir Fruit range here:

Mango Smoothie 300ml
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An abundance of prizes

The Fruitful One’s advice will be found on billboards nationwide, on selected radio stations (KFM, East Coast and 94.7), and across the socials, of course. Expect to hear (and see) his refreshing perspective well into the new year. If you look for it, you will find it. And, if you don’t look for it, don’t worry: Ebenhaezer will find you!

You’ll also be able to enter a summer competition, with prizes worth R300 000 on offer. Sir Fruit products will carry neck tags featuring QR codes, allowing enlightened ones the chance to win vouchers from Superbalist, Takealot and Sorbet – along with airtime and data. 

So as the Fruitful One reminds us: ‘‘Be the refreshment you want to see in the world and always remember to Squeeze the day, the Sir Fruit way.”

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