6 Things You’re Doing That Are Causing Your Skin To Break Out Badly

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Skincare, Uncategorized

There are a number of factors that cause your skin to break out. And while you might not have much control over things like genetics, stress and pollution – there are also a few day-to-day culprits triggering those random breakouts that are very easy to avoid, once you know exactly what they are…

Picking Your Pimples

You probably know you shouldn’t do this, but you do it anyway. Right? Well, stop it – it’s doing way more damage than good. Popping your pimples creates an open wound, which welcomes in even more bacteria, causing more pimples. Rather slather on Eskamel Acne & Pimple Ointment (R30, Clicks).

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Touching Your Face – All. The. Time.

Smack that hand off your face right now. I know most of you are guilty of this – whether you’re just resting your chin in the palm of your hand, or plain fidgeting. Remember, you do a lot of things with your hands and all that bacteria gets transferred to your face. Hello pimples. You played yourself. Cover up the evidence with Black Opal True Colour Liquid Foundation (R285, Edgars). 

Skipping That Post-Workout Shower

When sweat mixes with make-up it spells disaster. By skipping the shower, you allow all the excess oils, make-up and sweat to breed bacteria all over your skin, causing it to break out. Just take the shower, man, and smell like hopes and dreams. Try Nivea Shower Gel Pure Fresh (R50, Clicks).

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Using The Wrong Hair Products

Hair products usually contain a variety of sulphates and silicones – especially shampoos and conditioners, but also nourishing oils and sprays. And while they might be great for your hair, they’re definitely not great for your skin, clogging your pores and resulting in bacne and those grotty spots around your hairline.

Spending Too Much Time In The Sun

The sun is great and we love it. But it’s not always kind to our skin. So balance your time soaking up those rays because they dry your skin out, triggering more oil production, which basically means more unwanted zits. At least invest in Piz Buin In Sun SPF15 Sun Lotion (R210, Clicks).

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Face Products That Contain These Ingredients…

Weirdly, the products you use on your skin don’t always do the most for it. Products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide dry out your skin, which retaliates by producing more sebum, which just ends up causing more breakouts. Fix the problem with Celltone’s Spot Blitzer (R150, Clicks).

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