Seriously Though, Will Snacking On Nuts Make You Lose Or Gain Weight?

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Weight Loss

Of course we’re smug about the fact that we choose nuts over naughtier snacks. They’re so good for us! But here’s a question: Will snacking on nuts actually help you lose weight? Or could your desk-side bag of nuts actually be playing havoc with your weight goals?

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Snacking on nuts: the weighty low-down

Hate to break it to you, but if you’re serious about shifting excess weight, the answer is yes. That’s according to researchers from New Zealand, who found that restricting some healthy fats (think: nuts and avocado) can help you lose weight and keep it off. How? “It’s simple: when a person adds higher energy foods, such as nuts, to their diet, they gain weight,” says lead study author Dr Nicholas Wright.

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But… how can this be?

But what of the evidence that says unsalted nuts are a lean, mean snacking choice? Not so fast. “Many of these studies are kilojoule controlled,” says Wright, “so the researchers won’t allow participants to consume nuts in a large enough amount to gain weight.” The upshot is giving yourself free rein to polish off a bag of cashews over an afternoon will do your get-lean target no good.

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So, what’s the fix?

Basically, says Wright, you need to temper your love of “good” fats. Still keen on those cashews? “If you’re looking to lose or maintain weight, keep them as a treat and stop at one small handful,” he says.

Seriously Though, Will Snacking On Nuts Make You Lose Or Gain Weight?

Also always stick to the unsalted kind, like Faithful To Nature’s Raw Cashew Nuts. They’re loaded with iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium – and pack real protein power. Great on their own as a filling snack (remember that portion control though!), or blend them into a rich creamy cashew butter. We also love that the packaging is compostable, ideal for the waste-free kitchen.

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