“I Couldn’t Wear Heels For A Week And These Snazzy Boots Saved My Outfits”

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I’ve always envied those girls who can rock up to a dress-code-formal event wearing sneakers and still somehow look even more elegant than those of us tottering around in our stilettos like new-born gazelles. If I tried that (okay, confession: when I’ve tried that) the look was more, “forgot to pack shoes in my gym bag”. So when I hurt my knee and couldn’t wear heels, a week of jeans and tekkies seemed imminent – which wouldn’t be a problem, except that I had meetings lined up. And a function. And a funeral. Thankfully, it turns out this pair of snazzy boots from Cat Footwear goes with pretty much anything.

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Help me if you can, I’m feeling frumpy

As previously mentioned, I’m not particularly imaginative when it comes to fashion, so I enlisted the help of someone who absolutely is: the fashion assistant on Men’s Health, Nadia. Her brief: Help me find ways to get away with wearing flat boots on smart occasions. Nadia sent me a mood board of street-style snaps featuring pouty girls strutting down high streets wearing snazzy boots paired incongruously with everything from summer dresses to high-waisted trousers. Intelligence gathered, it was time to execute the mission.

Rock the frock

When wearing boots like these in a smarter setting, the styling you’re going for is mostly feminine to balance out the rugged boots, according to Nadia. First up: the dress. I usually wear this dress with knee-high leather boots that have a fairly steep heel. But emboldened by numerous pictures Nadia had sent me of snazzy boots paired with dresses of every description, I gave it a go. What a joy to march around the office all day and not feel any pain in my feet.

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snazzy boots

I usually wear this dress with heeled boots. The flats were so much more comfy!

Cropped trousers with snazzy boots

I had never considered wearing cropped trousers with boots like these, but Nadia said I should opt for the crop to show off the boots… and sent me a number of edgy street-style successes to prove it could work. I’ve always worn these pants with heels or wedges. There’s a strappy pair that I automatically reach for, but it’s too summery for cold days. Thanks to this look, I can now wear these trousers in all seasons.

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snazzy boots

Cropped trousers and ankle boots are a perfect match.

Don’t cover the boots

Nadia was very careful to tell me that none of my outfits should cover the boots. It makes sense that you’d want to show them off because I do love the detail on these. The bottom half is shiny leather, going into a thick rubber sole with a brown trim that runs between the leather and the rubber. The top half is more of a suede material and a cool, thick buckle detail makes them snazzy boots rather than just grungy combat boots. So when I wore longer trousers I went for a slim-fit option that could be tucked in.

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snazzy boots

Looking at all those other girls struggling to walk in their heels like… Seriously though, I liked how the chunky boots balanced my thighs so my legs looked longer and slimmer.

Make-up to match your feet

A reddish lip is another way to bring in that feminine balance to the heavy boots, according to Nadia. The last time I wore this dress to a function I paired it with black stilettos. Never again. That gravel path I’m standing on? Not a wobble. Stairs? I never once clutched my husband’s arm. Mingling? I could stand all night, baby.

snazzy boots

Snazzy boots and a bodycon dress are the perfect combo when you’re on your feet.

Get these snazzy boots for yourself

Cat Showdown

The Cat Showdown boot comes in black and dark brown and retails for R2 199. It’s available in sizes 3 to 8. Get yours here.

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