“This Downloadable Fitness Programme Totally Transformed My Body”

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Weight Loss

This woman coached a reader down to her perfect body weight via social media. Check out the amazing before-and-after transformation pictures!

The Weighty Problem:

Full-time mom and wife. Businesswoman. Not enough time. Not enough energy. This was the checklist for Tamson Oosthuizen’s weight gain. That she was confused about where and how to start didn’t make it easier. Tamson was in too much of a frenzy to make healthy food and fitness choices. “I’ve learnt that people let ‘waiting for the perfect time’ hold them back from all sorts of things. There is no perfect time for anything – there are always challenges and unexpected circumstances to overcome,” says Tamson.

Her wish: to gain back her confidence, feel comfy in her own skin and, most importantly, to be healthy not just for herself but for her family.

The Social Media Solution:

Tamson had seen Jody Calitz’s Instagram feed and online Get Fresh Bikini Body Programme. The online routine was an easy-to-follow, functional-training programme. Exercises comprised mostly bodyweight moves with minimal equipment and the quick, tasty meals were ideal for a busy mom. Tamson received personal motivational messages from Jody every Monday and progress check-ins made sure she stayed on track. Fuelled by the coach on her phone, she went from 92.5kg to 85.8kg.

Check Out Her Before-And-After Transformation Pictures:


The Science Behind Why It Works:

British studies found that encouraging email contact can be an effective strategy for maintaining weight loss. “At times I felt like I’d lost my fitness gains, but by keeping at it, I’m miles ahead of where I started, thanks to Jody’s constant belief that anybody, even me, can achieve a healthier, happier self,” says Tamson.

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