“I Tried This Mix Of Essential Oils On My Sore Muscles — And It Actually Works”

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Ridiculously sore muscles. I get them all the time – most recently my calves after an epic 100 reps of a seemingly tame leg exercise during a seemingly tame Pilates class. But mostly, it’s my shoulders (I’m a paddler) and back (I’m 39!?). So when my ever-resourceful Pilates instructor Terry Goodman presented me with what looked like a regular roll-on deodorant with promises of totally-natural relief, I almost hugged her.

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But with a deep pain like that associated with hardcore sports, newly-feared leg exercises and, yes, a bit of age-related stiffness, what were the chances a simple mix of essential oils disguised as a roll-on could pack the same kind of punch as a painkiller?

Here’s What Happened

It did. But not in a I-can’t-feel-my-feet kinda way. More of a oh-wow-now-that-feels-better vibe. My muscle tenderness was eased pretty dramatically for a non-pharmaceutical, and my stiffness was noticeably reduced. In fact, I’ve taken to toting my new “deo” around in my bag and giving myself intermittent rub-downs to ease the Desk Ache, and I quite like using it just before I fall asleep – there’s something soothing about the smell and that gentle rolling massage motion that knocks me right out. In fact, I’m starting to worry about what I’m going to do when the stuff runs out!?

But before I really start gushing, here’s what my Pilates mates had to say about the Fit, Fab & Fearless Athlete’s Muscle Rub…

“I Swear The Smell Makes Me Fall Asleep Faster”

“I suffer from stiffness in my neck, shoulders and sometimes lower back. I know it’s from sitting at my desk all day, with bad posture. Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly stressed, I actually feel my shoulders hunching up. I sometimes foam roll when it gets bad – I find a massage ball particularly helpful. I used to go for regular massages, but it gets expensive.

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“I started using the rub at night just before bed. The roller feels really good rolling across my muscles – almost like a massage – and I love the smell of the oils. I ask my husband to apply it for me so that I can just relax and not be tensed up, trying to contort myself. About thirty seconds on each spot is plenty.

“I swear the smell of the oils helps me fall asleep better – maybe because I associate that kind of smell with a spa and deep relaxation. The next morning I always wake up feeling less stiff and much more limber. The bottle lives next to my bed and it will stay there.” – Wanita Nicol

“These Oils Were A Game-Changer For Me”

“I usually experience pain around my neck and shoulder areas, and my lower back – most likely as a result of stress. My Pilates trainer even suggested I get a massage because I was so stiff and tensed up around my neck and shoulders!

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“But the oils – my gaaaawwwwwd, the oils. These were a game-changer for me. They smell divine and they simply work for me. I applied it for the first time and I could totes feel the difference. I even slept well – something that’s quite foreign to me. I love it. I asked my sister to roll it on me just before I sleep, after a hot shower. I will definitely continue to use it – for all of the above reasons. I mean, it works.” – Zinhlezonke Zikalala

The Essential Sore-Muscles Mix

Here, the list of ingredients in my new favourite muscle rub – and exactly how each one works alone (and together) to ease the hurt.

First up: sweet almond oils is a real all-rounder, packed with vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6, plus essential fatty acids. Then there’s rosemary, which is great for joint problems, rheumatism and bursitis, helps with circulation and nixes pain from sports- and exercise-related injuries. Lavender, with its natural anti-inflammatory properties, is also excellent at soothing and relieving aches, pains and sprains. Up next, wintergreen is absorbed into the skin quickly and acts as a numbing agent.

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Cinnamomum camphora works hard to reduce pain and swelling. Then vetiver essential oil increases blood flow, eases aches and gives you that zen-like feeling of tranquillity – clearly the reason we all dropped like stones at night. Lastly and kinda surprisingly, the most effective essential oil for muscular pain? Good old black pepper. This humble warming oil can even improve performance if used before sporting events! And all together, these guys deliver a potent – and pretty legit – answer to muscle pain.

Wanna Try It For Yourself?

Before you set up your own living-room lab, know this: essential oils must be blended by an aromatherapist and can be toxic if used neat on the skin. Rather play it safe and shop for a ready-mixed product – try Lavenderlane – or contact Terry Goodman directly for her special muscle mix.

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