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Here in WH Headquarters, we love ourselves a suiwer local brand. This round-up of amazing, useful, genius, even just plain pretty South African brands comes directly from the hearts and mouths of the Women’s Health team… because we just had to share the love this Valentine’s Day.

I get to be a domestic goddess, no sweat

Love a boss babe story (this Durban-based trio are all that and more!) and I love a quick fix… We Are Food dishes frozen family-size meals (but hey, it’s V-Day so opt for single portions or couples portions or hold onto the leftovers for a lazy weekend… whatever!) that you lovingly shove in the oven from frozen and appear as a domestic goddess, as if by magic, an hour later… They also package things simply and you can order a sampling menu of 20 single portions if you want to try everything once first! Which I obvs love! I rate the melanzane, the sundried tomato chicken, the Thai green curry… Plus, the desserts are banging! — Danielle Weakley, Women’s Health editor

Melazane Bake (R69 single serving)

Seriously, I bought my dog a hammock

I enjoy going on road trips with my dogs, but they used to be stressful because the dogs kept trying to climb through to the front seat. Since getting a hammock for the back, that’s not a problem anymore. It also means I get way less dog hair in the car and it protects my upholstery from scratches and doggy drool. And it takes a few seconds to slip and off so no difficult installation. — Wanita Nicol, deputy editor

Wagworld Dog Car Double Seat Hammock

Vibrating eggs get our vote

Sexual health and wellness is such an important part of all our lives and while it can feel scary to talk openly about these things, Désir Intimate Collection has created a safe space that is educational, uplifting and fun to be in. Whether you’re looking for a new sex toy (we’re loving the Ella App Controlled Luxury Vibrating Egg), some pretty undies or information on everything from the best toys to travel with to the myths and facts about losing your virginity, this amazing team has you covered. — Leigh Champanis-King, sex and senior copy editor

Svakom Ella App Controlled Luxury Vibrating Egg

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All the reasons I love UCOOK…

  1. It’s a local start-up which grew out of the lounge of two food enthusiasts packing boxes and creating recipes for others.
  2. The UCOOK team source high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients and support local farmers (better quality than your local supermarket).
  3. Having recipes and perfectly portioned ingredients delivered to your door helps save you time and creative energy — two of the most valuable things we have.
  4. I believe that feeding ourselves well and nourishing our bodies is a true form of self-care and cooking and making food from scratch forms a big part of that. Each meal you make is act of self-love. — Amy Hopkins, food and managing editor

On the menu this week: Exotic Butter Chicken (with cucumber and tomato sambal). From R290 per plan.

Bonus: We have an awesome #VDAY giveaway just for you! Win a month’s worth of @ucooksa for two! Enter @womenshealthsa now.

Nothing compares… to Lulu & Marula

I’ve tried MANY skincare products over the last 10 years in an effort to keep my skin healthy, happy… and hydrated and nothing (in my personal opinion) compares to the local skincare brand Lulu & Marula. Their Cleansing Balm helps remove make-up and dirt in flash and it’s ace at keeping my skin clean (and pimple-free). Switching to a natural skincare routine has taught me to stop touching, squeezing, scrubbing and most importantly, to hit the breaks on my over-cleansing habit. I love the brand’s entire range TBH. — Gina Beretta, digital editor

Lulu & Marula Balancing Cleansing Balm

Gasp — I broke up with Ricoffy

I’ve always been a little anti-establishment, which sometimes works for me (I avoid crowds) and sometimes doesn’t. In the case of coffee, I failed. Because while watching various work-fam posses shimmy off to get their hit of java and return clasping a steaming cup, a smile and a secret, I was left to face the free Ricoffy. And I kinda liked it. In fact, I offered that chicory bomb to house guests. (Listen, it’s a proudly SA brand that got me through varisty, so chill.) But then I met my squeeze. And he was appalled. So now, after working through his trauma, I’m onto the beans. And we take things like grinders and Aeropresses camping. And I love it. — Susan Barrett, digital managing editor

Aeropress Travel Bundle with Porlex Coffee Grinder

When South African brands are warm, fuzzy and our best: budget…

My husband and I ordered a couple with our regular dog food order just to see what they were like and then immediately placed an order for  more! The doggies love snuggling under them because they’re nice and soft, plus they’re lightweight and easy to throw in the washing machine. I also like that they’re not expensive so you can buy a few and keep them on rotation. — Wanita Nicol, deputy editor

Inja Fleece Pet Blankets

These are just a few of the proudly South African brands we love. The list is long. Tell us what you love. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Or if you have an incredible idea or just a passion you want to turn into a business, check out Go Hustle, the digital platform that helps young SA women land the career of their dreams.

Women’s Health participates in various affiliate marketing programmes, which means we may get commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

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