The Powerful Way Sport Has Changed These 5 Women’s Lives

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Fitness

By Megan Flemmit

And it could your change yours too. 

We can’t choose the circumstances that we’re born into. Nor can we control the curveballs that life chooses to throw our way. When you hit rock bottom, it’s tough to remember that you’re more than your struggle. What you need is a tool to get you through the tough times. A way to release your frustration.

This is where sports comes in…

Whether you prefer kicking a ball around the soccer field, or running a marathon, sport has the power to change your life. Aside from the physical benefits (what’s up muscles?), sport has the power to transform your personal life, too. With it you’ll develop a strong willpower, your self-confidence will grow and you’ll live an all round better (healthier) life.

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No one knows the power of sport better than these five strong women (who were hand-picked by adidas to be brand ambassadors). Through sport these women have broken down their mental barriers. With sport, they’ve managed to overcome various obstacles…

1. Mapule Ndlhovu 

Mapule had a tough upbringing. She grew up in Alexandra — a township in Johannesburg that did nothing to inspire her dreams. So when she was offered a scholarship to study exercise science she jumped at the opportunity. Now she’s a certified personal trainer at Virgin Active, the 2016 winner of Women’s Health Next Fitness Star and has been dubbed the badass queen of fitness. Through sport she was able to change how she dealt with things. Her mission in life is to inspire people to invest in their health.

2. Letshego Zulu 

Letshego, Co-founder of PopUpGym, lost her husband, Gugu, while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro last year. As she mourned and grieved the loss of her husband, sport was the anchor keeping her both mentally and physically strong. This year, Letshego made us all incredibly proud when she summited Kilimanjaro in honour of Gugu.

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3. Carmen Crous 

At the tender age of 13 months, Carmen was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a progressive, genetic disorder that causes a build up of sticky mucous in the lungs. As a result she spent most of her life in and out of the hospital. Since becoming actively involved in sports her life has changed for the better. She feels more energized and is able to do more things throughout the day.

4. Cara-Lisa Sham

Having being a ballet dancer for 17, Cara-Lisa felt immense pressure to be perfect. She developed an unhealthy relationship with food and her body. Her life changed when she realized the damage she was doing to herself and the people around her. Now, she’s the founder of Caralishious, a health and lifestyle brand that focuses on healthy eating and fitness. Through sport she’s managed to channel the negative into the positive and become the best version of herself.

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5. Tracey-Lee Lusty

Tracey has struggled with her weight her entire life. She gained more than 50 kilos during her early adult life. At the start of 2016 she committed to living a healthier lifestyle so that she could regain her health. Through fitness, she was able to not only transform her body, but her mind as well.

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