Your Ultimate Guide To Sporty Socks That Will Up Your Kit Game

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Fitness

I have a bit of a sock problem. I love them. I’m the kind of person who has socks for all occasions: coffee ride – coffee socks, beach run, I’ll be rocking the palm trees…is it your birthday? Because I’ll bring the doughnuts. But jokes aside, funky socks are on the rise. And as a sock connoisseur, I’ve rounded up the best of the bunch…

1. Versus

Image by Versus

Versus really got the ball rolling when it comes to funky footwear. One day in 2013, Hanno and Jurgens two Stellenbosch boytjies, had a brainwave – active socks that look as good as they feel. Hanni and Jurgens are both cyclists and so naturally, the first socks were of the cycling orientation. And the first funky design? Bananas. Versus now offers active socks for any activity which will make your feet smile from toe to toe. If funky is not your thing, then check out the tamer range. There’s definitely something for everyone. To browse some foot fashion, click here.

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2. Sexy Socks

Image by Sexy Socks

This brand was started by a guy called Dave. He wears suits and jeans but he needed something outrageous to spice things up. Hello Sexy Socks. It all began when Dave was visited by a homeless guy called Solomon. He had been out in the rain and was wet to the core. Dave found him some dry things and a meal. But it started him thinking about all the cold feet out there. And through this random act of kindness, this sexy brand was established. The soul (or sole) mission being a sock for a sock and warming up some toes. These socks range from work appropriate to activewear. To find yourself something a little outrageous, click here. 

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3. CAM

Image by CWC

Fabulous feet don’t need to be expensive. CAM cycling socks by Chris Willemse Cycles bring all the crazy patterns and the comfort but for a reasonable price. From beers to a tamer stripe design, there’s quite a range to choose from. This brand is also proudly South African. To up your sock game on a budget, click here. 

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Image by Falke

Here’s a quick history lesson for you. Falke was started by a German knitting fam in Schmalenberg, 1895. But four generations later the Falke clan ventured to good ol’ South Africa to dye some yarns. In the 1980’s they opened up shop in Belville and we’re still producing these incredible socks today. Although less funky more function, these socks will make any run or a ride a good time on the trails. I have been through countless pairs of these legends. Falke offers socks for pretty much every sport, just not swimming. To add a few pairs to your collection, click here. 

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5. Balega

Image by Balega

Balega is proudly South African and American with bases in Hickory, North Carolina and Cape Town. These socks are all about craftsmanship, with sock inspectors double checking each pair. Made with soft moisture-management fabric, these super light socks will even prevent blisters from forming. Sounds like a winner to me. Pick your pair, click here. 

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