Now You Can Use Your Star Sign To Fall Pregnant — And It Sounds Legit

by | Apr 20, 2017 | FitMama, Health

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Baby-making breakthrough or BS — you decide…

So you’ve done all of the tests, and all of the consultations, and all of the old wive’s tales (lemon juice before sex, check. Legs raised after sex, check). But have you tried using your star sign? We didn’t think so. A new app, called Fertility Astrology, made by local consulting astrologer Nicola Smuts Allsop is bringing it to your cellphone. 

How Does It Work? 

Basically, it simplifies the mystical and makes it practical: all you need to do is enter your birth time, date and place into the app, fill out a short medical questionnaire and, in minutes, a breakdown of optimum conception times are provided. Plus, the Fertility Astrology app can be applied to any family type – male+female, female+female, male+male, surrogate and egg donor — which is a distinctly unique feature. 

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Wait – Could It Actually Be Legit? 

“It may come as a surprise to most, but there are astrologically only two or three times in a year during which fertilisation, whether natural or assisted, is optimised,” says Smuts Allsop. “There is far more to conception than just the meeting of sperm and egg. The app works with cycles and timing, which is where astrology steps in.”

Smuts Allsop can show you the results from a number of very happy couples. Plus, it’s way less stressful than the usual guessing game most couples have to play. Take Raylene de Villiers, who lives in Johannesburg. “I was pretty desperate, to the point where I just wanted an indication of whether I would ever be able to fall pregnant,” she says. 

“I didn’t really have an opinion about astrology, but I was quite open to trying anything after I was told in my twenties that I had very little chance of falling pregnant. I give total credit to Nicola. Thanks to her, I now have triplets and a fourth.” Prior to that, after many unsuccessful fertility treatments, De Villiers had begun to accept that she would never become a mother. Her sister, who also consulted Smuts Allsop after being told that she would struggle to conceive, now has triplets too. 

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Wanna Give It A Go? 

The app is now live on iTunes at around R174, and will be on Google Play later this month. For different partner configurations or to add new information, a re-purchase is required. Smuts Allsop is also available for an hour-long consultation via Skype, should purchasers require more in-depth information and guidance,  as well as further timings for high fertility and IVF planning over a forthcoming three-year period.

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