This Is Your Biggest Relationship Struggle, According to Your Star Sign

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Plus, how to realign your stars (so to speak).

Ever feel like blaming your relationship issues on the universe? You might not be too far off. Professional astrologist Astrobabe explains what your zodiac sign’s biggest relationship struggle is—and how it’s probably effing with your dating life. We have a feeling these will sound familiar.

Added bonus: We got the scoop on what the stars say about your boo’s relationship issues, too.


Aries is the zodiac’s most impatient sign, so you may have trouble being with someone who’s more sensitive and cautious about love. Learn to be patient in your relationship and let your partner take the lead sometimes. Remind yourself (regularly) that there’s no deadline for love.

Your Aries guy: FOMO is probably something he has issues with. Like Aries ladies, Aries gents need to learn how to slow down and create the right vibe for intimacy.


The earthy Taurean wants to possess and spoil their loved one. You may find yourself wanting to stay close and maintain a touchy feely rapport, as sensuality is very important to you. Not everyone is so touchy-feely, however, so you should try to give your S.O. some breathing room (and not take it personally when they need some space).

Your Taurus guy: Sure, he loves to spoil you with gifts and gourmet meals, but he needs to learn that mates are people, not possessions. Mastering how to keep their possessive streak on lockdown should be a top priority for you both.

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Always craving variety, dualistic Geminis may need to wander for a good long while before settling on one mate. And, like Aries, you can fall prey to FOMO. Because you’re forever curious and your mind craves new learning experiences, it’s important that your mate understand how much energy it’s going to take to keep you on a committed path (and be up for the challenge).

Your Gemini guy: While female Geminis need to be mentally stimulated, male Geminis need to physically wander, which might mean a long-distance relationship is in the cards. Worth noting: They often seek a mate who keeps them guessing.


Cancers need to feel safe and protected. You may get more emotional than most and require extra tenderness and reassurance. It’s important for you to be with someone who’s there for you emotionally and who doesn’t let romance slip through the cracks. (Cue Barry White.)

Your Cancer guy: He may be more emotional, but he rarely shows it—and when pushed about commitment issues, he might disappear into his shell. Fortunately, Cancers can heal through food, so sharing a wonderful meal together can make a big impact on any Cancerian lover.


Leos may need loads of attention, more so than the other signs. This is because Leos are ruled by the sun, and the rays of the sun need to shine on them a lot for them to be happy. If you’re not getting enough attention from your S.O., you may find yourself looking outside of the relationship for it. Don’t forget the importance of showering your partner with affection in return.

Your Leo guy: A Leo man who isn’t proud of the woman he’s with will also look elsewhere. He wants a partner who is willing to be shown off as arm candy. Leos need to feel like they’re the cat’s pjs, but they also need to learn that when you’re in a relationship, praise is a two-way street.

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As a Virgo, you may spend a lot of time at work putting out fires for others. This can cause important things in your romantic relationship (like closeness and intimacy) to slip through the cracks, though. Since you have a tendency to be overly critical of yourself and others, learning to set aside your inner critic and have fun with your partner—even if feels uncomfortable at first—will boost your bond in a big way.

Your Virgo guy: Despite their practicality, Virgos are earthy and sensual (though they don’t readily show it). Letting go of his inner public servant can be a struggle and can put a major damper on intimacy. Helping him learn how to prioritise his love life could be a game changer.


Libras pay attention to their partnerships more than any other sign. They’re able to see both sides of the equation, which means they may have a hard time making decisions in relationships. To stay happy in the long run, Libra women need to stand their ground.

Your Libra guy: Sometimes, when Libras get bored, they like to throw everything up in the air just to see where it lands. This is not a good way to create a happy, stable relationship, and Libras need to work on maintaining balance in their relationships to avoid issues.

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You’re truly devoted to your partner, but some may find this stifling. Scorpios need someone who understands this and isn’t threatened by it. Female Scorpios tend to be mysterious, but if you want your relationship to stick, don’t play “guess my mood”—be clear and direct about what you want.

Your Scorpio guy: He’s passionate and intense but may have a controlling edge to him. It’s important that he be with someone whose values are in sync with his. Scorpio men would also benefit from being straight-up about what they want in a serious relationship to avoid unnecessary drama and hurt feelings.


Sagittarians like freedom. Your mind needs to explore, and you need a mate who understands this. As the philosopher and scholar of the zodiac, you probably make your partner listen to your pontifications (whether they like it or not) in hopes that they’ll join in. Just make sure that you value their opinions and passion projects as much as you do your own.

Your Sagittarius guy: The men of this sign may need to do a lot of wandering, as Sagittarians tend to stay single the longest. They love travel and adventure, so this sense of freedom and exploration needs to stay in play—even when they’re in a relationship. Don’t be afraid to spice things up with new sex positions or exciting dates. He’ll appreciate it.

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Capricorns need stability. You want to feel like you’re in a relationship that is harmonious with (and doesn’t get in the way of) your career ambitions and life goals. But because you’re juggling so much, you’re not very good at having fun. Scheduling in fun events on the regular can help keep your relationship strong.

Your Capricorn guy: Even though Capricorns always stick to work, work, work, he needs to be reminded that life’s too short not to enjoy himself. Respect his goals and ambitions, but encourage him to have some fun and go out someplace new and exciting.


Aquarians may have an ideal of love that’s hard to live up to, so they sometimes skip out on partners because they’re being too touchy-feely. By learning to sit with feelings and be more emotionally available for your partner, you’ll set yourself up for a happy relationship.

Your Aquarius guy: He’s not exactly known for being emotionally available and may run away at the first sign of neediness. But it’s important that he be willing to explore his intimate side to be in a successful relationship.


Sometimes you can act like a chameleon to fit perfectly into someone else’s life, losing track of your own hopes and goals in the process. Pisces women can be dreamy romantics, but it’s vital for you to focus on your own independence. It’s OK to be there for your partner, but it’s not your destiny to fix everything that’s wrong in their life.

Your Pisces guy: Men of this sign are either laser-focused on what they want in a partner or so wishy-washy that they miss out on amazing gals. By learning how to follow through on love-related opportunities, he could end up in a great relationship. If you’re not sure whether he’s into you, ask him straight-up and tell him what you’re feeling. That should help him decide.

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