Steal Amanda du-Pont’s Beauty Secrets

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Entertainment

By Lori Cohen; Photography: Jacques Weyers

Want to know how your favourite celeb gets gorgeous? You’re in luck, because Amanda is spilling all her loves, likes and life hacks. Prepare to take notes, girls!

On her natural hair

“I thought curls were ugly my whole life. My mother would force me to get my hair straightened once a week. But my role for Lelo required a hair change and the team had seen a picture of me with curls and that’s what they chose. I loved it. Now my character’s hair has changed, but I still keep my hair natural on my off days. I went from fighting with my hair to embracing it, to understanding that curls are different every day, and I’ve learnt how to live with them. I now know not to only comb my hair when it’s wet, to use conditioner, that all kinds of oils are good for it and that diet is important – if you’re not eating enough fruit and veggies it becomes dry and brittle.”

On perfume

“Perfumes are one of my favourite things! I’m very attracted to anything with an Oud base. There’s something about Oud that makes me feel powerful. I think it can say a lot about who you are; it helps create a certain aura. I love buying them as gifts, although I know you shouldn’t, because you can’t decide what someone should like, but I almost like to choose what the people around me smell like (laughs)!”

On make-up

“I prefer a natural look. I love Yves Saint Laurent Teint Touche Éclat Foundation. It’s really light and makes you look like you have a natural finish. I think it looks more beautiful if a woman just wears a bit of lip-gloss, mascara, a light blush, but your freckles or beauty spots and features should be allowed to show through. When you cover them you lose your natural beauty.”

On her fave beauty products

“Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is great if your skin looks exhausted and needs a glow and also works well if you find your make-up isn’t sitting properly. I love Joico Moisture Recover Conditioner for my hair and Moroccanoil Treatment, but I also make up my own mixture and use it weekly. I mix Moroccanoil Treatment oil, olive oil, coconut oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It makes my hair strong, it grows faster and gives my curls a really natural look. I also can’t live without my dermatologist and dentist!”

Check out these fun, fast facts with Amanda:

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