REVEALED: Join Angelique Van Der Linde At FNO – And The Exact Science Behind Our Step Workout

by | Jul 4, 2023 | Fitness, WH Promotion & Events

Forget Jane Fonda – step workouts are what’s happening, right now and here. And come 5th of August, we’re stepping up to the plate with our step-free step workout. Leading us will be fitness instructor and WBFF Fitness Pro Athlete Angelique Van Der Linde. And she’s bringing the canned heat to your feet. “I hope to bring a fit flavour that the ladies have not been exposed to. My baby is almost one year old and being able to train with all these like-minded women and celebrate our super-human strength as women is a privilege,” she says. 

Angelique’s approach to fitness 

When it comes to making sure you’re staying in shape, Angelique has a go-and-get-it attitude. “Health & wellness is like brushing your teeth. Don’t overthink it. Just get it done,” she says. At her class, you can expect to crush calories while having a blast. Think you’ve got two left feet? Don’t sweat it. “I promise to keep it super simple but to fill every moment with inspiration and fun! No one cares about the moves, just move in the same direction as all the rest and have fun,” she says. 

Why we’re doing a step workout at FNO 

From getting your heart pumping to challenging your muscles, here’s what you can expect from a high-intensity step class. 

You’ll crush calories 

Per personal data from one WH writer’s experience, just thirty minutes of steppin’ burned a whopping 200 calories alone. It’s also high-energy since jumping and stepping around will leave you drenched faster than you can sauce up some fries. 

You’ll burn your quads and glutes 

Step class is all about moving those legs, so expect your legs to burn. Stepping forwards and backwards (believe us) does a number on your quads and glutes, since these muscles serve as stabilisers that prevent you from falling over. 

You’ll have fun 

More than anything, this class, with its pumping feel-good music, will be fun. Expect to laugh as you try to master a killer step routine. 

You’ll tone up 

One study evaluated the effects of 12 weeks of step aerobics on elderly women. It found significant changes in waist circumference, and “had a positive effect on the functional fitness components of these older women,” the study notes. Plus, another study saw big improvements in V02 Max, meaning your overall fitness will improve. Get stepping, people! 

Get ready for Fit Night Out! 

From dancing to stepping, there’s something for everyone at Fit Night Out and you’re guaranteed a great time. “It’s always the biggest motivation to see so many women train together and share the love for health and wellness,” says Angelique. “When I see the sea of women in front of me, all feeling the rhythm and beat with a smile on their faces, that’s what I look forward to most! The class will be filled with hip-hop combinations mixed with some old-school step choreography. It’s something new, fresh but still familiar and anyone can join, benefit and enjoy this segment.” 

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