Exactly How To Style This Season’s Hottest Denims

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Style

There’s no getting around it: if you’re still wearing skinny jeans, you likely are like me, needing help to style this season’s denims. They’re flared, they’re out there and they are bold! And if the resurgence of low-rise jeans is getting to you, fear not! We’re avoiding those like the plague, too. But we do come with help on how to style this season’s denims, from the utility pants to the wide-legged jeans and even the maxi denim skirt you’re seeing all over your feed.

Meet the expert: Koketso Mokwana is a fashion and personal stylist.

“These styles are a mix between trendy and classic, form-fitting and loose-fitting,” says Mokwana. “It’s imperative for me to see style from a neutral perspective, and take into consideration the modern-day woman who doesn’t particularly follow trends but who wants to incorporate it with a piece or two, as well as take into consideration the trend seekers and lovers who thrive off of the ever-changing fashion trends.” Keen to dive in?

Utility Jeans

Casual Look

“Because the jeans are such a statement on their own, I always choose to keep the outfit fresh and cool,” explains Mokwana. “The foundation of the outfit is extremely important because the jeans are already so bulky. Someone can get lost in those jeans if the foundation is incorrect.” To create dimension, style this season’s denims with a bralette, which offsets the bulkiness of the utility jeans. “I paired it with a bralette because it creates shape. It shows skin and it adds a feminine touch. It defines the waist and you don’t get lost in the jeans,” says Mokwana. Too much skin? A white t-shirt works just as well, says Mokwana. Glam up the look slightly with stacked ricks, simple hooped earrings and statement trendy sunnies.

white bralette
White bralette

style this season's denims utility jeans
Utility jeans

distressed denim cropped jacket
Distressed denim cropped jacket

white sling bag
White sling bag

style this season's denims sports sunglasses
Sports sunglasses

style this season's denims white airforce ones
White Airforce One

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Dressy Look

For a more dressed-up look, you don’t need to shy away from utility jeans. “The structure is very important on the torso, hence the blazer. It defines the waist and defines the shoulders,” says Mokwana. “The closed-toe pointed shoes add contrast between the wide leg hem of the jeans and the foot. It’s very important that the foot is visible and it makes the foot look smaller.” Accessorise with a structured bag to complement a boxy blazer and chunky jewellery to bring out the look.

style this season's denims utility jeans
Utility jeans

style this season's denims double-breasted blazer
Double-breasted blazer

pointy toe heel
Pointy toe heel

structured bag
Structured bag

cat eye sunglasses
Cat-eye sunglasses

style this season's denims chunky earrings
Chunky earrings

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Denim Maxi Skirt

Casual Look

For this look, your denim maxi skirt steals the show. It provides the length of the look – so any other accessories should give gravitas to the skirt instead of competing with them. “A casual outfit can be styled with a basic t-shirt because it is a great foundation for any outfit,” explains Mokwana. Pair your loafers with white socks for extra prep. “When paired with a knitted jersey over the shoulders, oval or soft-edged frames and dainty jewellery, you’ll give the ensemble the old money aesthetic. The t-shirt should be tucked in for waist definition and socks should be ruched at the ankles for texture,” says Mokwana.

white t-shirt to style this season's denims
White t-shirt

denim maxi skirt to style this season's denims
Maxi denim skirt

striped white jersey
Knitted sweater

hoop earrings
Hooped earrings

oval sunglasses to style this season's denims
Oval sunglasses

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Dressy Look

To dress up a denim maxi skirt, look to bold black and a crisp white shirt to elevate your ensemble. “You can either rouge up the sleeves for some texture, or you can fold up the sleeves just to show some skin,” Mokwana explains. Time for some fashion maths: let the skirt shine by wearing dainty jewellery and if your skirt has a slit down the middle, play this up by drawing attention to your legs with some statement pumps. “If the skirt has a slit down the middle, wearing a pump will elevate the shoe because it’s pointed, it’s got the heel, and it doesn’t cut you at the ankle,” says Mokwana.

denim maxi skirt
Maxi denim skirt

White shirt to style this season's denims
White shirt

Gucci slingback pumps to style this season's denims
Gucci slingback pumps

Daniel Hechter black bag
Daniel Hechter black bag

Black slim belt to style this season's denims
Black slim belt

studded earrings by Michael Kors
Michael Kors studded earrings

Wide-Legged Jeans

Casual Look

To style your wide-legged jeans casually, try out some DIY by converting your favourite scarf into a bandeau top that flatters and points the eye directly to your statement pants. “You can pair your wide-legged jeans with a cute bandeau or a makeshift bandeau, which is a scarf that is folded into a triangle and tied at the back as the foundation of your outfit,” says Mokwana. “Follow it up with the trending platform sandals, but make sure to cuff or fold your jeans at the ankles, make sure that your feet are not lost.” Mix up your jewellery with dainty and chunky pieces to bring some fun to this look.

Wide-legged jeans

Era by DJ Sinhle scarf

Crocs platform sandal

Chunky earrings

Stacked necklaces

Oval sunglasses

Dressy Look

Mokwana paired these jeans with a waistcoat for definition. “If the jeans are high-waisted, pair them with a cropped waistcoat and if the jeans are low-waisted, go for a longer-length waistcoat,” explains Mokwana. Stilettos really elevate this look, says Mokwana and gives the illusion that you are floating. Keep your accessories dainty. “Keep it simple with simple rings and simple studs, but what you can do is match maybe a statement bag to the accessories,” says Mokwana.

wide-legged jeans by H&M to style this season's denims
Wide-legged jeans

waitcoat to style this season's denims

handbag to style this season's denims
Zara handbag

hoop earrings by Elli Jewellery
Hooped earrings

stacked rings to style this season's denims
Stacked rings

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