Here’s Why You Should DEFINITELY Get On A SUP This Summer

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Fitness

Here’s why you should definitely get on a SUP this summer — you can thank us later.

It’s A Core Killer

We’re not joking: to stay on the choppy water and not in it, you’re going to have to engage that core. And it comes more naturally than you’d expect. Your natural instincts kick in to make your ride easier. “Imagine the feeling of balancing on an upside-down bosu ball. It’s similar to that,” says pro surfer and SUPper Roxy Davis.

It’s An Arm Toner

You can also expect to tone those arms, says Davis. From manoeuvring the paddle to adjust to different waves and winds, your arms will be moving against the water’s resistance, so expect to tone up there, too. “Your brain is also one of the major muscle groups engaged as you are constantly assessing your environment, adjusting yourself on the board for balance and stability and focusing on where to be positioned when a wave comes through,” says Davis. 

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SUP Is So Much Fun

From falling into the water to racing someone in the water, a SUP session is 100% guaranteed fun. Davis, who owns Surf Emporium, a surf shop-cum-surf and SUP school in Cape Town, says she gets people booking mass sessions for their crew all the time. That’s because it’s also an ace team-building sesh. Get in the water with this how-to clip and tag us in your SUP posts!

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