This Is How You Can Show Love To Breast Cancer Warriors

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Health

By Megan Flemmit; Photography by jannoon028 / Freepik

In October, everything goes pink. From tires to water bottles to beauty products and in some neighbourhoods trees are even outfitted with pink ribbons. This is all to create awareness about breast cancer and the importance of being screened for it regularly.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers that affect women all over the world. 1 in 26 South African women will be affected in their lifetime. And while living with breast cancer often robs women of their dignity, many organisations work tirelessly to ensure that these women are still able to live with a sense of purpose.

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We’ve rounded up a few incredible organizations that wish to empower those strong warriors who have been affected by breast cancer.

1. amaBele Belles

Based in Cape Town, these fearless warriors are the first Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Racing team in Africa consisting of women of all ages and fitness levels. They are a ‘floating support group’ for breast cancer survivors and those still living with it. The team trains twice a week and participates in monthly regattas. Their mission is to prove that a vibrant life and physical activity is possible after cancer. By being involved in the sport they aim to improve the physical and psychological well-being of breast cancer survivors.

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2. Look Good, Feel Better

This global organization caters to women affected by all cancers. The cosmetic organization aims to boost the self-confidence of cancer sufferers by providing them with workshops, which teach them a 12-step skin care and make-up regime. These sessions allow women to step back from their disease and enjoy some time being pampered. They’re given an opportunity to bond with other women battling cancer and leave the session feeling fabulous. The organization believes that “when a women takes control of looking good, something wonderful happens…she feels better too.

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3. Reach For Recovery South Africa

Women who have had a mastectomy are often worried about their appearance. While breast reconstruction is possible for some, many of them can’t afford it. One of Reach For Recovery’s projects, The Ditto Project, aims to provide those who come from low-income groups with a silicone breast prosthesis. The breast prosthesis is worn to simulate the natural breast shape reinforcing the idea of having a full chest again, just as before. They also provide a fitting service to ensure each woman chooses the right side.

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4. PinkDrive

Early detection saves lives. That’s why this ‘Doctor’s Room on Wheels’ drives around South Africa offering free mammogram and pap smear screenings to women. This mobile unit contains a state of the art gynaecology unit and radiation area and is operated by fully trained professionals. Their services are free to all medically uninsured women.

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5. Knitted Knockers South Africa

Own a pair of knitting needles? Volunteer your time and knit some knockers for those who can’t afford or make use of silicone breast prostheses. Knitted Knockers connects volunteers who make knitted breast prostheses with those who need them. Knitted Knocker kits are available from ColourSpun. The yarn comes in 6 different flesh colours so that every woman has an option. They also vary in size ranging from A-G cup.

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