4 Things You Should NEVER Order From The Sushi Menu

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Weight Loss

By Pippa Bailey; Photography by Freepik

The raw truth? Not all rolls are created equal. Here’s how to get smarter with your nigiri…


Lose: The dumplings. Don’t be tricked by the fact that they’re ‘steamed’; they’re also usually fried to seal them. Five chicken dumplings rack up 1 210kJ, 11g fat and nearly half your RDA of salt.

Choose: “Go for edamame, which has just 920kJ per 180g serving,” says nutritionist Danielle Collins. It’s also one of the few plant sources to provide complete protein, that’s all nine amino acids.

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Lose: California rolls. Especially the crunchy California, no one needs all those extra kilojoules. Six (unfried) rolls already equal two slices of bread – so much for thinking you were ditching the sarmie!

Choose: Nigiri (fish atop rice) actually has fewer kilojoules per serving than maki rolls as it contains less rice – and both have the same amount of salmon. However, size portions vary, so check out the portions first.

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Noodle soup

Lose: Be wary of pork and chicken stock, nutritionist Liana Bonadio warns. Tasty they may be, but “they’re higher in fat and kilojoules than miso, which is probiotic and a great source of protein.”

Choose: “Buckwheat soba noodles have a lower GI to keep you fuller for longer than udon or ramen,” says Bonadio. “Ask the waiter to halve your noodles and cut 540kJ. The bowl’s protein will fill you up.” Or ask for ‘courgette noodles’.

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Lose: “Avoid eel, which has 218kJ per piece on average,” Bonadio says. “Dodge tuna too, as it’s high in mercury,” adds nutritionist Sarah Green.

Choose: Raw is good as heat harms the fish’s fatty acids. “Salmon is best at 167kJ and 4g protein per piece,” Collins says.

Bonus tip

Go easy on the soy sauce. Those oversized sachets can lure you into a sodium binge. Stick to 1 tbsp, which contains a safe 900mg.

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