Here’s How To Rid Your Gym Clothes Of That Gross Sweat Smell

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Fitness, Style

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Gym gear smelling super fresh… before you’ve even got your sweat on? Clean up your act with these nifty tips. 

Does it smell as if Pepé Le Pew has been rolling around in your workout clothes — even after you’ve cleaned them?! Most technical gear, now moisture-wicking, absorbs sweat to keep you dry, but it also absorbs the odour. And synthetic fabrics require extra TLC because their unique weave gives skunky microbes tons of places to hide. Get rid of that gross sweat smell with these hacks.

Post-Exercise: Air It Out  

Hang your stuff to air it out for a few hours before you throw it into the washing basket. Dark, damp places invite bacteria to grow, exacerbating the stench. Turn your gear inside out: the interior is where sweat (and with it, skin cells and bacteria) penetrates the fabric. Turning it out lets it leave your clothes.

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Pre-Wash: Get The Chemistry Right  

Don’t go OTT on detergent. Using more than the recommended amount can leave residue on your clothes, which makes them more likely to soak up odours in the future. Try actually reducing the amount of detergent you use. Also, add some bicarbonate of soda to your detergent. It’ll nix the icky smell pretty effectively. Lastly, use cold water. Warm-water washes actually damage your clothes in the long-run, while a cold wash preserves the fabric. You’re welcome.

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Post-Wash: Sniff It 

Do the sniff test. If your apparel still smells funky instead of fresh, rewash it. Drying a still-stank set (whether in the dryer or on a hanger) locks the odour into the fibres.

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