“One Time, I Watched My Girlfriend Put A Tampon In…”

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Sex & Love

Photograph by James Garaghty

We do love a good confession!

When you find yourself in a serious relationship, you eventually reach a comfort level with your partner where you (either consciously or without even noticing) resume doing certain things you used to do only when you were alone and thought you would never do in front of another human being  especially one you’re attracted to.

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However, how many of us have ever stopped to ask our partners how these habits make them feel? We reached out to eight people who are coupled up, and gave them the opportunity to re-live some OTT intimate memories of their beloveds.

The Dutch Oven treatment

“Have you ever heard of a thing called the ‘Dutch Oven’? It’s when you fart and then pull the sheets or comforter over someone’s head. It smells terrible and there’s no escape. And it’s like all hot in there. So, my girlfriend randomly found out about it somehow, from a TV show or something, and decided to do that to me one night while we were watching a movie in bed. Something inside me died that day.”  Henry W.

Warts ‘n all

“My husband has really ugly feet, and I once saw him use one of those store-bought wart removers to freeze one off the top of his foot. I guess I could have left the room, but it was so disgusting and terrible that I was fascinated by it and really couldn’t look away.” Shannon R.

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He almost peed on me!?

“One time when I was in the shower with my boyfriend, he had a pee. No warning or anything! I was super grossed out, because if he’s doing that while I’m in there with him, he’d almost definitely doing it when he’s in there on his own, and I take baths in there! He told me he’d stop doing it, but who knows?”  Melanie F.

Number Two exposed

“I came home early from work one day and found my girlfriend taking a dump with the door wide open. It was pretty gross. I know she does it, I just don’t want to, like, see it happen. But it’s all relative, I guess.”  Matt P.

The nose-picker

“I’ve seen my boyfriend pick his nose and eat it multiple times. I don’t get the appeal at all.” – Renee P.

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The pimple-popper

“My husband and I get ready for work at around the same time, so we’re in the bathroom together a lot. He has a habit of popping his pimples and spraying the pus all over the mirror. It makes me gag.” – Melissa B.

How tampons work…

“This is weird, I know, but I was always curious about how tampons work, so one time I watched my girlfriend put one in. You know what? It really wasn’t even that bad.”  Jon B.

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