Are Tattooed Freckles The Next ‘Big Thing’ In Beauty?

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Style & Beauty

By Zinhlezonke Zikalala; Photography Nadia von Scotti

Beauty trends come and go… but this one looks like it’s going to be sticking around for a long time (well, more like forever). 

When it comes to beauty, we’re all guilty of trying to cover up our imperfections in pursuit of a flawless complexion, right? But what if the ‘in thing’ was to add marks instead of hide them? Say hello to the latest beauty trend making it’s mark (literally) on 2017 — the freckle tattoo.

So…Freckles huh?!?

Temporary freckles were all the rage backstage at Spring/Summer 16 fashion week. Difference is, now it’s no longer temporary but a very permanent trend. Trend-forward bloggers and the ‘likers of things‘ have been spotted spotting the permanent freckle tattoos.

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The Process

“When they are ‘freshly done,’ — the freckles — will appear swollen, almost like bee stings,” says the Montreal cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow. “The swelling will go down within a couple hours and you’ll be left with your cute, fresh freckles. Over the course of one to two months, the colour will soften dramatically and look more natural. They will fade naturally with time, and if you wish to keep them you can always get the colour boosted whenever you like.”

On Social Media…

This freckle tattoo trend has gained so much popularity on the net, that there’s even a hashtag! #Freckyourself on Instagram that shows you the best of the best freckled faces.

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Looking for more? Get your hands on our March issue for more info on freckles. PS: While freckles are cute, blemishes aren’t — here are seven ways to stop those irritating period pimples.

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