Life Hack: How To Relieve Pain With A Tennis Ball

by | May 12, 2014 | Health

Sore back or shoulders?

You’re not alone: 34 percent of women aged 18 and older suffer from chronic pain, reports the Journal of Pain. The key to relief might be in your gym bag. Do these moves for 30 seconds (rolling and then holding the ball on each sore spot for a few beats) several times a day.

“Using balls is an ideal way to release the muscle tension that causes pain,” says neuromuscular expert Justin Price.

Foot Pain

While seated, move a golf ball back and forth under the arch of your foot. For a more intense massage, do it while standing.

Lower Back Pain

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Place a soft ball on either side of your spine, between your ribs and at the top of your butt.

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Shoulder Pain

Lie on your back with a tennis ball between your spine and right shoulder blade. Hug your left shoulder with your right arm. Switch sides.

Calf Pain

Sit with your back against a wall and your legs extended. Place a cricket ball between your calf and the floor and roll your leg over it.

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