“I Tried A Vitamin IV Drip For A Health Boost — Here’s What Happened”

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Health

I’m pretty into exploring new ways to boost my health, which is why getting a vitamin IV drip piqued my interest.

I’ve had a vitamin B12 shot a few times and it was sore AF, so volunteering for a whole IV just didn’t seem worth it to me. Until I chatted to a friend, who had recently found a “cool new IV lounge in Camps Bay” and swore it did wonders for her skin. I’m guilty of chasing the glow as much as the next girl, so I decided to brave up and go for it…

Here’s Exactly What Happened…

Walking into mobivIVe I didn’t quite know what to expect, but much to my delight there were no hospital beds or scary IV trolleys. Instead, I was greeted by friendly faces and delightfully comfy armchairs. We discussed my needs and decided that the Signature IV Therapy aka the “Royal IV” was best for me – with a high dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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The very gentle and caring Nurse administered my IV. It was slightly painful, but not what I’d built it up to be (very often the case). And then I sat back, relaxed and sucked on a few sweets (these counter the metallic taste you get from the drip), while the 45-minute vitamin boost entered my veins.

Most people will know IV lounges as places that celebs go when they’ve got a mean hangover and need to get rid of it fast. And sure, you can get them done. But MobivIVe has a lot more to offer than a hangover treatment or as they call it the “Babelas Beater”. They also administer drips for pregnant women, people who want to boost their immune system and avoid or recover from COVID-19, anti-ageing, detoxifying, energy boosting, high performance athletes and more.

As for me, once I left mobivIVe my energy levels immediately perked up. I met a friend for a meal afterwards and felt alert and excited to see her. I wasn’t all buzzed the way you get from a caffeine overdose though; instead, I felt a sense of calmness. A few weeks down the line, I noticed my skin was glowing and I was sleeping better. Although, typical to the season I’ve picked up a little cold. I know an “Immune Boost” IV with vitamin C is just what’s needed to sort me out… I think it’s safe to say I might be hooked.

Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin IV Drips

While these IVs are a mix of vitamins and minerals that are already found in your body, it’s important to do your research and make sure whoever is administering your drip really is clued up. Here’s everything we all want to know about this latest health trend…

Before you visit an IV lounge, what credentials etc. should you check the establishment for?

Safety is critical! You want to make sure the intravenous vitamin centre is associated with a doctor and a registered nurse is administering the drips. Even though it’s vitamins and minerals and is considered very safe, you want to make sure the vitamins you are receiving are compounded in a sterile facility, and that the nurse has extensive experience in dripping clients. Also, from a logistical point of view, you want to go somewhere that’s inviting, comfortable and has a good energy. This is not a grudge purchase – it’s by choice, and you want to enjoy your time there.

Do the IV drips come with any side effects – during, immediately after or the next day?

There are no negative side effects at all – only the upside! Very few people have reported a slight headache after the detox drip, but this is normal as the body is getting rid of toxins… it’s just incredibly rare. Some people get minor bruising at the needle site, which again is normal and usually not painful. Most people, however, don’t bruise and feel the positive effects of the energy boost and immune boost immediately.

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What are the costs of the IV?

The MobivIVe vitamin drips start at R750 and go up, depending on the drip. Their IV drips are well priced so that they can be available to everyone – not just the stars and singers and actors and athletes who can afford a lot more. The vitamin drips have effective and safe compounds at an affordable price.

For more info, check out MobivIVe.

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