Introducing That Fitness App: An Easy-To-Use Online Gym Connecting Trainers And Students

by | Jun 30, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

That Fitness App, the brainchild of Dominique McFie, a qualified Yoga instructor was launched today. This new app available for Android and iOS mobile devices connects trainers and students at the push of a button to create your very own private online gym. It offers a new level of convenience to everyday training needs on a safe and secure platform.

That Fitness App benefits both trainers and students who can connect whenever it is most convenient. Trainers can connect with clients through That Fitness App eliminating all the hassles of scheduling, invoicing, and marketing. Likewise, busy individuals who are adapting to new fitness habits, or have limited time for training, can engage with a personal trainer online via That Fitness App.

“As a Yoga Instructor I grappled with the issue of scheduling classes to suit customers’ busy lifestyles, as well as finding clients looking for the style of Yoga I offer, in the environment they want. Apps make our lives more convenient, and we are all far more familiar with online engagement nowadays, which lead me to the concept for That Fitness App”, says Dominique McFie. Her vision is to build a community for fitness and health conscious people to connect to while helping both trainers and students achieve their goals.

 Benefits To Trainers: 

  • Trainers looking to build a solid client base will be visible to a broader community of people seeking fitness training. 
  • Trainers set their own class fee structure. Plus, get paid the amount they choose via the safe and secure platform on a regular payment cycle. 
  • Trainers can add as many categories to their profile as they want. Subject to vetting of their training qualifications and credentials. This allows trainers to offer a variety of training sessions thus engaging more clients. 
  • Scheduling is done directly on the App based on the training slots made available sending the trainer notifications of new bookings as they are made. 

 Benefits To Students: 

  • Students can connect to a trainer of their choice whenever is most convenient and enjoy the benefits of engaging online with a trainer. 
  • Students embarking on a new fitness routine will find that the convenience and flexibility the App offers makes it easier to adapt to new habits as it saves time and travelling, plus there is the benefit of having someone knowledgeable teaching you right from the start.
  • The range of trainers available on the App means it is suitable to avid fitness buffs as well as beginners because students can connect with any trainers for different types of exercise whenever available. 
  • That Fitness App is completely free to sign up! Students only pay for the classes they book via the secure payment gateway. 

Four Training Categories

  • Yoga 
  • Pilates 
  • Personal Trainer 
  • Sports Specialist 

Reliable and Secure 

To ensure safety and integrity of That Fitness App, all students and trainers are properly vetted. All trainers have proven their expertise prior to sign up, so students know they have a qualified training professional on their side. Likewise, students’ authenticity is carefully monitored to ensure that trainers can run a professional business. 

That Fitness App aims to transform how trainers and students connect to achieve fitness goals and healthy lifestyles. Download the app here.

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