The Best Barbell Move You’re Probably Not Doing

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Workouts

If you thought the only thing to do with a barbell is lift it, think again! This crazy move will sculpt your abs like no one’s business. 

The barbell is a great piece of equipment for toning your arms (biceps curls), shoulders (presses), legs (back or overhead squats) and glutes (dead lifts). But did you know that you can also use it to tone your abs?

Roll With It

This barbell routine, by Next Fitness Star Mapule Ndhlovu, does exactly that. It uses a barbell to do an abs roll-out – the move you’d normally do with one of those wheels with two handles that you see in the functional area. The abs roll-out works because you need to keep your core super tight throughout the move for your own safety. Seriously – any slacking and you’re going to fall on your face (indemnity form, anyone?). So there’s no room for cheating like when you stick your bum in the air halfway through a plank or lift your shoulders without actually feeling a single tummy muscle working and call it a crunch.

Tone Your Whole Body

Of course, as with any Mapule workout, you’re not going to be doing just one move in isolation. She’s combined the roll-out with the kind of lifting moves you’re used to doing with a barbell and even added a shot of explosiveness to that workout cocktail in the form of a jump. The result? A fluid sequence that tones all your major muscle groups with just one simple piece of equipment.

Watch The Video

Workout Wednesday Challenge

Add this barbell sequence to your existing workout. Move in a slow, controlled way, focusing on good form. The aim isn’t to get it done fast. Too hard? Drop to your knees for the roll-out. Remember to tag us on Twitter and Instagram and let us know how it went.

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