No Contest: These Are The Body Shop Products We ALWAYS Go Back To

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Here at WH we’re privileged to be in the know about (and get our hands on) all of the upcoming beauty products worth knowing about (and sometimes even some not worth knowing about)… but there’s a brand we all turn to time and time again: Hey Body Shop, we’re looking at you!

Committed to sustainable, natural ingredients, they tick so many of our vegan, cruelty-free boxes – while getting us the results we demand. From hand cream to eye masks, shampoos and anti-bacterials, here’s what we couldn’t live without.

Hemp Hard-Working Protector, R140

The Body Shop has used this controversial “miracle crop” since 1998. Rich in essential fatty acids including omega 3,6 and 9, hemp seed oil is renowned for its amazing moisturising and skin protecting powers. Their hemp seed oil is sourced from a confidential location in France, lest it be confused with its “naughtier” cousin, marijuana…

“I have this on my desk at all times. My hands get super dry from the office’s hand sanitiser and this is the only hand cream I’ve found that helps… Sometimes I rub a little extra into my cuticles too.” – Sinead Martin, senior beauty and fashion writer

A truly nourishing, protective hand cream for very dry skin. Enriched with hemp seed oil and rich in fatty acids, it acts like an armour to seal in moisture and reduce water loss from your skin. This product is so effective that they actually sell one tube every nine seconds!

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Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo, R155

Ginger is best known for its culinary uses (think: spicing up Chinese and Indian food), but it also has a long history of being used in traditional medicines, notably as a remedy for weak, brittle hair. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is recommended to rub slices of fresh ginger on the scalp to stimulate blood flow and help hair growth.

This shampoo gently washes away loose flakes, while its antiseptic properties work to gently clear the scalp and cleanse your hair. If you use product in your hair and find product build-up on your roots, then you might find this shampoo helpful. Don’t be afraid to give your roots a double shampoo cleanse before you condition to really give your hair a deep cleanse.

“I enjoy the fact that you don’t need a lot of product to really get a good wash… I find that just a little goes a long way” – Leigh Cann, art director

(Pssst, they sell one tube of this iconic shampoo every four seconds and it’s not hard to see why!)

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, R345

Meet The Body Shop’s most popular mask. Clay and bamboo charcoal work to draw out impurities and excess oil from the skin, leaving it deeply cleansed and unclogged. “It stings like hell when you first apply it, but don’t worry, this subsides quickly,” warns sex editor and senior copy editor Leigh Champanis-King. “The real magic happens when you start washing it off and feel the tea leaves exfoliate your skin.” While it’s prescribed for multiple use every week, Leigh limits hers to once a week as she feels her skin is too sensitive for any more regular use than that.

This product is 100 percent vegan and has also been extremely popular thanks to its superfood bamboo charcoal base. Charcoal is renowned as a detoxifying superfood, and as a skincare ingredient, due to its adsorption qualities. This means that when you apply it to your skin, the charcoal attracts any excess oil, dirt and impurities. Plus, this charcoal is sourced from bamboo, which is the fastest growing woody plant in the world, making it an environmentally-friendly resource!

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Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo, R115

First thing you need to know: not all bananas are created equal. Some grow to be the ‘wrong’ shape or size, so they can’t be sold to the food industry because customers wouldn’t buy them. Rather than letting them go to waste, The Body Shop makes them into a creamy, fragrant puree for their Banana Hair Care range. Perfect for normal to dry tresses, the banana puree lubricates and conditions hair.
“I love fruity smells, but banana is not one of them,” says digital content creator Chandre Davids. “Using this shampoo, I was a bit worried that it would leave me smelling like a ripe banana, but nope… The scent is more banoffee-like and it left my bathroom smelling delicious! My hair has more body and shine than usual, which is great. It’s soft, bouncy and has a slight sweet smell.”
Once we told Chandre this range was brought back from being discontinued in 2010 due to popular demand, she exclaimed, “I can see why people go absolutely bananas for it!”

Vitamin E Moisture Cream, R180

Find me someone who hasn’t used something from The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range, am I right? Suitable for all skin types, it’s a firm beauty fave and probably the most popular range in all Body Shop stores.

“I have combination skin and I often struggle to find a moisturiser that hydrates… without leaving my skin looking like an oil spill.” says digital editor Gina Beretta. “This cream is super light and leaves my skin feeling soft, and most importantly… oil-free!”

Elderflower Unperfumed Cooling Eye Gel, R100

“I was super-excited to try The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Cooling Eye Gel because I have major eye puff – made worse by the fact that I suffer from Hashimoto’s disease (a puffy face is a symptom). I also recently had an out-of-the-blue reaction to dust that left me so swollen eyed I was unable to work!?” says digital managing editor Susan Barrett.
Her verdict? “I loved this product for a few reasons. First, it’s unperfumed, so it’s automatically kinder to overly sensitive skin like mine. It’s also full of naturally good-for-you ingredients: elderflower, and witch hazel, which I rate. And, finally, because it legit made my eye area feel refreshed – and the effects were immediate and lasting. While nothing is going to ever remove my puff entirely, I’ll def use this gel to keep it in check. And I have a feeling its effect will build over time…”

Top tip: Store this in the fridge for an extra soothing cooling effect.

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