The Hairstyle Unathi Stole From The 90s

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Hair

By Zinhlezonke Zikalala, photo above shot by Lois Botha

Check out Unathi Msengana‘s modern twist on an old fave – and other celebs who are taking retro hairstyles back to the future!

Hairstyles: one thing is for sure, you can count on them popping up again. And again. Probably bigger, and better. And paraded to perfection by a string of celebs. Want to try them? For you, we got our friends at Schwarzkopf to give us the lowdown on how to take care of the latest bunch of old-school trending tresses…


Then: Actress Jada Pinkett Smith wore her bob braids best in the 1996 movie Set It Off.


Now: Idols judge Unathi Msengana spiced hers up with a fringe, giving them a major personality boost.


Why they’re still hot: Bob or “poetic justice” braids are simple, practical… and oh-so stylish.

Style them up by parting them on the side or in the middle; take care of them using hair food to maintain moisture in the scalp.


Then: Whether “faux” or “real” (we’re stumped), Lisa Bonet knew how to rock her locs in The Cosby Show in 1984.


Now: Tsotsi’s Terry Pheto looks effortlessly chic in 2005 with her free-flowing, non-styled faux locs.


Why they’re still hot: Versatile and fashion-forward, this do can be styled in so many ways, from cute buns to side plaits. Maintaining faux locs is simple using a scalp cleanser once a week. A dry shampoo freshens it up and controls odour.


Then: Janet Jackson aced the cool, playful look with two bunny tails on her 1998 Velvet Rope Tour. Effortless, cute – it’s a win!


Now: TV presenter Pearl Thusi ups the sophistication stakes with a single, simple, natural-looking bunny tail.


Why it’s still hot: What’s better than a beautiful up-do that’s super-easy to achieve? The bunny tail works for everyone and every occasion. To keep it looking fresh, opt for a detangling lotion and leave-in softener.

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