The Kettlebell Workout For A Packed Gym

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Workouts

Queuing for a treadmill? Not you!

This workout is ideal for peak gym time – all you need are one light kettlebell and a tiny piece of floorspace.

It’s that time of year when all those summer bodies that didn’t quite get round to being made in winter are shoulder to shoulder in the treadmill queue to salvation. And if you left the office after 3pm…no matching dumbbells for you! Well the good news is that you can still get a full-body toning sesh in with just one small kettlebell, a tiny piece of floor space and this workout from Next Fitness Star finalist Aneeka Buys.

Saving You Time

This workout not only saves space and equipment, it’s also structured so that you can get the most out of it in a short space of time. Compound movements mean you’re working more than one muscle group at a time, even though their technically only four exercises. All the moves require core stabilisation and balance so you’re strengthening and toning that tummy all the time. And by performing big strength movements, you’re building muscle mass, which will help increase your metabolism over time.

Watch The Video

Do It

Perform all the moves, in the order shown, following this pattern: 40 seconds’ work, 20 seconds’ rest. Once you’ve completed all the moves, rest for 30 seconds up to a full minute, depending on your fitness level, then start at the beginning again. Do five rounds in total.

Stay Safe

Start with a light kettlebell and only go heavier if you can perform all the moves with ease. Keep your core engaged throughout. Remember: this isn’t a race. The goal is to do as many reps as you can in the allotted 40 seconds with good form. If your form is slipping, slow down and do fewer reps.

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