The ‘Lob’ – The Hot Haircut That Suits Everyone

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Hair

By Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini and Jill Percia; Photographs by Jaques Weyers

The secret’s out. There’s one cut that suits everyone. And we mean everyone! Here’s why you’ll want to try this collarbone-grazing style on for size.

Named after the delicate body part it skims (Anatomy 101: clavicle = collarbone), the clavicut can be worn up or down and won’t send those with long locks into haircut PTSD. This haircut has been trending since last year and is not about to stop. Remember when Kim K chopped her locks? Twitter. Blew. Up. Then sister Khloé followed. Victoria’s Secret models Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio made the cut; even our fave long-length siren Gabrielle Union chopped hers for the third season of Being Mary Jane. “It hasn’t met a texture it didn’t love. It’s a miracle length,” stylists insist. “It helps maintain volume and thickness in fine, straight hair,” says hairstylist Travis Speck. “But it’s long enough so curly hair won’t puff out as it would with a more traditional-length bob.” For the uninitiated, a lob is a long bob. It’s versatile. And we’ll show you how to style it this winter.

The Slob (slick lob)

The Look: Sleek and straight, this look works on all hair types. Spray your hair with a texturising spray before you blow-dry. Then smooth the top with a fine-tooth comb, moulding to create the height you’d like. Bobby pins help to keep slicked-back straight hair in place. It’s a chic look for winter.
Perfect For: The time-strapped – it takes less than 10 minutes to perfect, plus it’s the easiest day-to-night look, ever.

Woman with a slick lob hairstyle

The Blob (blunt lob)

The Look: This no-fuss uniform snip gives your hair a fresh, clean look. Perfectly even ends with no layers can elongate the neck and make you look more polished – even in a ponytail, the bluntness has a chic impact. Brave enough to snip yourself? Follow this quick DIY tutorial.
Perfect For: Anyone whose hair is scraggly, undone or dried out from hot styling tools or chemicals. It’s also a good start for those who are afraid of the scissors.

Woman with a blunt lob hairstyle

The Wob (wavy lob)

The Look: This is an easy-to-style look. Wrap big sections around a curling iron, allow to cool and then finger-comb through to separate. The messier, the better. If you have limp hair, this is the perfect CPR for dead-looking locks.
Perfect For: The lazy girl inside you. This almost zero-effort hair is perfect for someone who already has this kind of wavy hair texture.

Woman with a wavy lob

The Flob (fringed lob)

The Look: The runway gods have decreed: the fringe is back! Pair yours with a lob for an edgy, fashion-forward combo. Ask your stylist for bangs in line with your eyebrows so that they can be swept to the side for a totally new way to frame your face.
Perfect For: This modern ’do gives even the Maryest of Janes serious edge. A fringed lob works best on finer hair and it rocks even harder with soft curls.

Woman with a fringed lob

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