The One Move You Need For A Sexy Sculpted Back

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Fitness

Put your back into it – literally – for a hot bod. Bent-over rows are the one move you need for a sexy sculpted back. Here’s the low-down…

Things we all want: an unlimited supply of our favourite tights, all the chocolate in the world and a sexy back. Thankfully, the latter is easily achieved with bent-over rows. You’d be forgiven for thinking they only work your arms, but the pulling movement is one of the best things you can do for your neglected back.

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“Modern humans spend a lot of time seated during the day, which prevents the use of the posterior chain (i.e. your back) muscles,” says personal trainer Inge Bezuidenhout. “My clients who are used to sitting a lot love this exercise because they feel it helps open their shoulders, giving them a better posture.”

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To get the benefits, slot this move into your routine three times a week. But don’t overdo it in the beginning, says Inge: “You might hurt your back muscles, so rather substitute it with a variety of back exercises to make your muscles stronger, like back hyperextensions and lat pull-downs.”

Nix common mistakes with Inge’s tips

Lift lighter: “Often women tend to use too-heavy weights,” says Inge. “I would start by taking 5kg dumbbells (get your own for R180 at MrPrice Sport) and do 10 reps in a superset and complete three to four sets.”

Keep it straight: “You can injure yourself if you have a rounded back,” says Inge. Use a mirror to spot yourself and make sure your lower back is straight and that you’re not hyperextending – so keep your chest tucked.

Target multiple muscles with these variations

Barbell rows: Use these to ensure that both sides are working equally.

Rowing machine: Need some cardio? Get the best of both in one machine.

Seated cable rows: This move will also target your biceps. Score!

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