The Online Shopping Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Style & Beauty

Seriously want Kylie’s Lip Kits but thought they’re only for Americans? Online shopping’s now more convenient than ever. Here, the online shopping hacks you didn’t know you needed…

1. Sort Out Your Skin – From The Couch 

Yep. Got yet another pimple, or just want to find out the best product for your skin type? SkinMiles has you covered – just upload a pic of your face and the derm will recommend the best products for your skin.

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2. Buy Kylie’s Lip Kits 

… And Kylie’s bronzers, and NARS’ blush – minus having to pay for airport tax and customs fees. Log onto Muse Beauty for international make-up brands and get your life, gurl. Who needs Sephora, anyway?

3. Buy Anything Else 

It might be worth your while to actually just set up a delivery address in the U.S, which often means you can buy things from Europe and the Americas and have it delivered there. Try Net A Parcel – it sets up a U.S. delivery address for you, and all you do is pay the shipping and tax in one invoice, minus the headache of different charges coming from different areas. Plus, having an American address means you score with free shipping to that address – and with Black Friday deals online.

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