The Running Woman’s Ab Workout

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Workouts

Hit a plateau in your running? Building a stronger core could help. This ab workout will make you a better runner.

If you’re a keen runner, chances are you probably hate spending time in the gym as much as your gym-bunny mates detest hitting the road. But just like they could totally benefit from the heart-healthy perks that runners enjoy, adding strength training to your fitness regimen can help up your running game.

Strong To The Core

It’s just not your legs that need work, either. Yes, squats and lunges will strengthen your legs and add more oomph to your hill sprints, but your arms and legs are connected to your torso, so your core is key for building strength and improved performance in your limbs. Benefit number one: you’ll have better stability – particularly beneficial for trail running, but it will also help you recover quickly if you misstep on the road, reducing your injury risk. Plus, a strong core will improve your running posture, taking pressure off your back and shoulders.

The Running Woman’s Workout

This workout by biokineticist, running coach and Next Fitness Star top ten finalist, Raeesa Solwa, is a great core strengthener. Keeping your legs off the floor means your core is constantly engaged, while the different movements activate different muscles, so your whole core is being strengthened, not just the six-pack muscles. What’s more, you can do it at home – all you need are two light dumbbells. If you don’t have dumbbells, fill two identical water bottles and use those instead.

Watch The Video

Your Moves

1/ Single-leg to double-leg taps with weights x 10

2/ Russian twist to shoulder press x 20

3/ Leg raise and shoulder press x 10

4/ Sit-up and punch x 10

Do all moves without stopping, rest for one minute, then repeat. Do three rounds total.

Stay safe: Suck your tummy in to flatten your spine against the mat and protect your lower back. Use your tummy muscles to lift your shoulders off the mat and keep them lifted; don’t pull through your neck.

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