The Top Gifts WH Team Want Under The Tree This Season

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Gifts

Yes, we’re obsessed with wellness and all things healthy. But as the festive season grows nearer, we’ve been drawn to these items, luxurious and practical. From fitness trackers to gift cards, here are the gifts WH team are hoping will be sitting pretty under the tree this Christmas. Save these ideas for your shopping list this season.

Kemong Mopedi, Deputy Editor

Exclusive Books voucher

“Instead of making lemonade whenever life serves me lemons, I visit bookstores to help pep up my mood. Nothing makes me sadder than finding a book that I like but that I hadn’t budgeted for. A voucher would make the perfect gift for such moments.”

K-Way Reiz 55cm Luggage Bag

“In the spirit of being a decisive packer, I really would like to own a small, durable suitcase for those quick trips. My current (and only) suitcase deserves a break!”

Le Creuset Signature Shallow Casserole

“I received my first Le Creuset pot as a birthday gift back in 2014 and have been trying to build a set since. But alas, the prices always scare me off. There’s just something about Le Creuset that screams ‘full-on adult’ and ‘I have my sh*t together’! [chuckles] Besides, Le Creuset is to our generation what AMC pots were to our mothers’ generation. I’d specifically love to own the Signature Shallow Casserole for my Sunday one-pot creations!”

Kelleigh Korevaar, Managing Editor 

Black Betty The Protection Bracelet

“Thanks to Black Betty and The Kolisi Foundation, buying one of these does good at the same time. Each bracelet is made by a survivor of Gender Based Violence and 100% of the proceeds go back to them and The Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children. I love The Protection Bracelet which has Tiger’s Eye to shield you from negative energy and Black Agate to ground you and bring balance to your life.”

Fieldbar Drinks Cooler Box

“In my mind, the perfect gift is something you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself but when you get it, you wonder how you ever lived without it. Fieldbar’s Drinks Cooler Box is just that gift. It’s durable, comfy to carry and will keep your champers below 10°C for 50 hours. Lush! Your beach, braai or picnic aesthetic will be unmatched this summer season. “

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

“The only thing I don’t love about travelling is going without a good cuppa coffee. This AeroPress Go ensures you never have to endure that. It’s easy to use and clean, and super compact so you can take it on all your adventures. Plus, you can make short espresso-style shots and long filter-style brews. Whether you’re in a different country or camping in the mountains, you’re guaranteed to have a good brew.”

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Pia Hammond, Creative Director 

Nike Metcon Shoe

“Besides seeing these being worn by a housewife watching RHOBH (lol). I suffer from feeling pain on the instep of my foot after a long gym session, these look like they’re flexible and cushioned. The black and white look chic enough to wear casually as well.”

Pier Restaurant Voucher

“This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I’m all about gifting experiences over materialistic things. I’m an independent woman, I’ll buy my own perfume!”

The North Face Running Belt

“After my belt broke while on the mountain, I’m into having a good quality belt that will last. Essential for mountain runs, since you always need that pepper spray!”

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Chamain van Zyl, Digital Editor

Cross-body bag

“In 2024, I’m on a quest to declutter and find pieces that truly spark joy. My current handbag is a bit chaotic and BIG, but downsizing to a functional and cute multi-strap bag is the perfect solution.”


“Who can resist the allure of Lego? These sets offer endless creative possibilities, providing a delightful break from the weekly routine.”

Digital Photo Frame

“Printing photos can be a mission, but I want our 2023 memories on display. A digital photo frame not only reduces clutter but also showcases our cherished moments beautifully.”

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Michelle October, Features Editor

Mont Blanc Signature Perfume

“There’s something so festive and Christmassy about receiving a fragrance. And the bottle alone on this one has me sold. Notes of citrus, ylang-ylang and peony open up to a fresh, blossoming scent that I’d wear every day.”

Huawei GT4

“Not only is this watch absolutely gorgeous (such a statement piece), it also packs a serious punch. Get calorie management, two weeks of battery life and period tracking. It’s also safe for when I go surfing.”

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Camera

“Recently, I’ve started scrapbooking. Printing photos take up so much time and I’d love an instant camera to display and capture my memories. This would be perfect.”

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