Everything You Need To Know About What’s On The WH Beauty Desk Right Now

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Here at WH HQ, we’re obsessed with everything beauty-related. I mean, is there anything better than a sparkly new eyeshadow palette that is yet to be touched by a finger or a brush? Or a nail polish that you just know is going to be the perfect shade of lilac? Or a new skincare range that promises to turn back the clock and give you back the skin of your youth? Our favourite things are changing all the time, but here are our favourite finds from the beauty desk this week…

Our favourite beauty things are changing all the time, but here are our favourite finds from the WH beauty desk this week...

1/ Dermalogica Phyto-Nature Firming Serum

First up on the WH beauty desk is a new serum from Dermalogica. The skincare brand found that 50 percent of visible skin ageing comes from your exposome — your environment and lifestyle combined. Did you know that poor sleep can add two and a half years to your visible age, excess sun six and a half, and smoking two? An unhealthy diet can also add two whole years to your visible age. That’s a lot. Luckily, Dermalogica has come up with a treatment to combat all that unwanted ageing in the form of the Phyto-Nature Firming Serum, which promises to give you back five years. Phew.

Dermalogica Phyto-Nature Firming Serum

This dual-phase serum contains a firming phase powered by sapphire-bound biomimetic peptides to help firm skin and reinforce skin defences against your exposome. You can use it in the morning and/or evening — one to two pumps blended into your hand and smoothed over your cleansed face and neck. Time to take back your skin.

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Our favourite beauty things are changing all the time, but here are our favourite finds from the WH beauty desk this week...

2/ The Summer Bliss Package At The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

If you think about your skincare routine as an opportunity for self-care — taking 10 minutes out of a frazzling day to quietly cleanse, tone and moisturise – then you can imagine the wellness benefits packed into a facial. And now imagine that facial stretched out languorously over what the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel has dubbed its Summer Bliss package.

In real-world terms, Summer Bliss at the Mount Nelson means that for one singular price, you get to luxuriate in the depths of their glorious and reallllly spacious Librisa Spa — more on this later — collapse, fully glowing, into a lunch at Oasis Restaurant, which overlooks the pool gardens, and then roll yourself onto a candy-striped towel lounger at the pool for a stretch. Yes, it’s a Sothys Fundamental Facial masquerading as an entire day at leisure!

I am a big fan of the French skincare brand and its facial is a classic — cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising with cream, serum and mask — and a face and neck massage that leaves every cell more relaxed than it found it. Librisa boasts its own plushy nooks and crannies in which to soak up the self-love and when you’re ready to creep out of its warm and softly lit embrace, you have pool gardens and lunch to look forward to. I cannot recommend this highly enough for a spoil. From you to you. R995 includes facial, lunch, access to spa facilities and heated pool and gardens. Valid until April 30 2020 aka the end of summer! — Danielle Weakley, WH editor

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Our favourite beauty things are changing all the time, but here are our favourite finds from the WH beauty desk this week...

3/ Lamelle Nourish Range

Next on the beauty desk is a new anti-ageing range. Lamelle has introduced a new range of products called Nourish. Specifically designed to prevent and repair DNA damage, the range includes a cleanser, SPF, moisturiser, eye cream and more. It not only protects against harmful and ageing UV and free radical damage, it’s also full of some of the most potent antioxidants — from astaxanthin and alpha-tocopherol to Pycnogenol® — that neutralise reactive oxygen species to prevent DNA damage.

Lamelle Nourish Daily Cleanse

On top of that, Nourish is made with advanced compounds that boost your body’s P53 gene and NER systems, which is what your body uses to repair existing DNA damage. This makes Nourish powerful enough to use even later in life, when the signs of ageing have already started to show. If you want to fix any lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and a bad complexion later in life, this is for you.

Our favourite beauty things are changing all the time, but here are our favourite finds from the WH beauty desk this week...

4/ BeauRejuve Facial Device

You’ve heard of EMS (electro muscle stimulation) for building on your fitness, but have you heard of it for your face? The BeauRejuve uses EMS to rejuvenate and tone skin, remove wrinkles and help with anti-ageing, skin renewal, pimple and blemish removal, pore size reduction and increasing skin elasticity. The device also uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin. You can choose your colour depending on the benefits you want to experience: red is for enhancing collagen regeneration, green treats pigmentation, blue kills the bacteria that could cause acne, yellow gives your skin a glow, pink will treat a sluggish circulation and a pink flashing light assists in penetrating the products into the skin through mesotherapy.

BeauRejuve Facial Device

You can either buy the device and use it at home or you can book a BeauRejuve Treatment at The Laser Beautique. It only takes 30 minutes and is super relaxing. Your face is first cleansed, then exfoliated, then an ionised gel is applied to your face before the BeauRejuve device is used. It’s a weird feeling to get used to at first, but it’s actually just a bit ticklish and interesting feeling your muscles contract without actually contracting them yourself. The treatment ends with a muscle manipulation signature massage that rubs all the worry and stress out of your face and leaves you wishing time would stand still. Contact The Laser Beautique to book your treatment.

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