This Protein Berry Porridge Will Supercharge Your Morning

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Recipes

Your regular oats are about to get a major upgrade.

If you’ve got weight-loss on the mind than eating breakfast (not skipping it!) is an essential step. Now, we know you love your oats but even they can get a ‘lil boring sometimes. So, we’ve come up with a recipe that’ll not only shake things up, but will also give you a protein boost that’ll keep the ‘hanger’ at bay all morning long.

Protein Berry Porridge


– 240ml coconut water
– 60ml coconut milk
– 50g gluten-free oats (mix things up by trying the steel-cut variety)
– 1 tsp coconut oil
– 1 tsp almond butter
– Pinch vanilla seeds
– 1 scoop vegan protein powder (try Lifematrix Pea & Hemp Protein Powder)


– Handful mixed berries
– 1 tbsp coconut yoghurt
– 1 tbsp cacao nibs

1/ Bring the coconut water and milk to the boil in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Add the oats, stirring, for about five minutes, until thick.
2/ Stir in the coconut oil, almond butter, vanilla and protein powder. Pour into a bowl and garnish with a variety of toppings.

SERVES 1: Per serving: 1 421kJ, 6.4g sat fat, 10g sugar

Time: 10 minutes

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