Have You Got Tight Hips? Take This Quick Mobility Test

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Fitness

From primal workouts to added emphasis on being flexible, being mobile is the new fit trend – and for good reason.

“If we are not mobile enough, this may place a strain on various structures like joints and muscles. Think of a door with a stiff hinge: it takes a lot of effort to open and close the door,” says Jenny Kirkwood, a Cape Town-based physiotherapist. Take this mobility test and up your gains. 

Test Your Hips

“We all sit down constantly, and this constant downward pressure on the hips causes the front hip flexors and hamstrings to become immobile,” says Matt Curran, trainer and co-founder of RipCore Calisthenics in Joburg. Get ’em moving and you’ll run faster and squat deeper.

The Test 
1 Lie on the floor with your toes pointing upwards. Take a stretch band and wrap one end around your right leg and grab the other end with your hands.
2 Slowly pull the band, lifting your right leg up as far as it can go. Make sure your left leg stays flat on the floor. Stop when the left leg starts to lift. Your ideal mobility is a 90° angle with your legs.

Balance and flexibility help! So, if you want to open your hips (and hold a pose) take this flexibility test to see how bendy you really are.

Test Your Shoulders

“Your shoulders have the tendency to force your posture forward, resulting in shoulders that are rounded and a spine that is arched,” says Curran. If you’re sitting at your desk or stuck in traffic a lot, this one’s for you. Loosen them up for ace progress at your next yoga sesh.
The Test 
Stand upright, making sure your back is straight but not over-arched.
2 Reach your right hand over your shoulder as though you’re going to scratch your back. Reach your left hand behind your back and lift it to touch your right hand. If your hands touch, you’ve got great mobility.

Test Your Wrists 

“Wrists are very fickle parts of the body that can be hurt or injured without any prior warning,” says Curran. One wrong move and you’re in trouble, especially if you’re dabbling in handstands or even just pumping iron.
The Test 

1 Stretch both arms out in front of you with your hands facing out, as though you’re pushing a door. Keep your elbows locked.
2 Try and bring your hands back towards your arm. Then try and bring them forward and down. Your ideal range of motion is a 70° angle, both ways.

Got weak wrists? Don’t panic… these 3 arm moves will sculpt (without adding pressure).

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