3 Biggest Turn-Ons For Straight Women, According To An Arousal Expert

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Sex & Love

The research on arousal

Thought getting to your orgasm was straight-forward? An associate professor of psychology and director of the Sexuality and Gender Laboratory at Queen’s University in Canada, Dr Meredith Chivers’ research on what turns people on revealed a remarkable thing: even when you say you’re strictly straight, most women get hot for both guys and girls. (Straight men, gay men and gay women show more sexual concordance – i.e. their genitals agree with their self-identified sexuality.)

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What does this say about sexuality?

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bisexual, but it does open up a new set of questions for the science of attraction, including how cultural and social taboos shape sexuality and what the best tools are for measuring arousal.

Chivers believes female sexual issues can’t truly be addressed with the limited knowledge available; her mission is to record the basic characteristics of sexual response and desire.

For example, she suggests moving from using a vaginal plethysmograph, a tool that measures blood flow and lubrication of the lady parts, to thermal imaging, which measures temperature increases in the genitals of both women and men, so that results can be compared.

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So, what are the top 3 turn-ons?

Chivers’ research revealed that watching gay, lesbian and hetero sex and people masturbating, plus listening to 50 shades of ouch (descriptions of sexual masochism) all got straight women going. With so much sex inspo available, ditch the self-judgment to figure out what works best for you. Know thyself – and what fires you up…

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