Twerk Yourself Fit With 4 Bootylicious Moves

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Workouts

Who knew? Getting your twerk on is legit exercise. These rocking moves by WH Next Fitness Star finalist, Takkies, will tone you up and get you fit for the club.
You don’t have to go to gym to get fit. Takkies, owner of Rocking In Heels and one of the Top 10 in our Next Fitness Star competition, uses pumping tunes, high heels and a large dose of sass in her high-energy dance fitness classes. The classes are full of laughter, strutting and, yes, many a twerk, so you definitely won’t feel like you’re in a gym. But you will feel it the next day. Best of all, you can totally gooi these moves on the dance floor!
Ready to get that booty popping?
Watch the video now!

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