Under Armour’s Game-Changer: Meet Robyn Moodaly

by | Aug 8, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

Robyn Moodaly, a talented midfielder and attacking-mid, is deeply passionate about football, a legacy inherited from her father and grandfather who were avid players themselves. She honed her skills in her backyard, initially playing with boys’ teams due to the absence of women’s teams. Her determination caught the attention of talent scouts, leading her to attend a prestigious boarding school in Pretoria.

Becoming a professional athlete required immense sacrifice and commitment. At just 12 years old, Robyn left her family to pursue her passion. She even had the opportunity to study abroad in America, thanks to football, which opened doors to various possibilities and experiences.

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As a midfielder, Robyn’s role demands constant movement and requires both attacking and defensive abilities. Fitness is of utmost importance in her daily training regime, involving team sessions and individual workouts. Due to her history of injuries, she prioritises strengthening exercises to prevent setbacks. Core training and mobility work also enhance her agility and overall performance.

Robyn’s dedication goes beyond physical training; she emphasises nutrition and mental health for peak performance. She values preparation, sleep, sacrifice, and proper nutrition as contributing factors to her success on the field.

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When it comes to the mental toughness of an athlete, Robyn has years of experience. She describes her journey as challenging and tough, yet rewarding and beneficial. Not only does Robyn credit discipline and commitment for playing a vital role in her mental state, she believes those elements are what have pushed her to where she is today.

Before each game, Robyn focuses on visualising success and setting goals. Her off-field preparation boosts her confidence on the pitch. Mastering fundamental football skills, position-specific conditioning, and gym training are crucial elements of her routine. She also enjoys passing and shooting drills that replicate game situations.

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“The elements that get me ready to take to the field for 90 minutes are definitely your fundamentals, your football actions, your skills whether it’s passing the ball, positional movement or understanding your position. On the field your conditioning is vital. Running, but not just running with the ball, running that makes sense in your position. When training with the national team, we also ensure we do specific skills and drills according to our positions, so you’ll see your midfielders doing a certain set compared to your wingers as they do a different job in the game. Lastly, gym training to ensure maximum strength and being able to get everything intact and to be as strong as possible to with last 90 minutes on the field and compete at your highest level.” – Robyn Moodaly

Robyn Moodaly’s football journey showcases dedication, sacrifice, and mental strength required for success in professional sports. As she inspires the next generation of female athletes, Robyn remains hopeful about the future of women’s football in South Africa and its positive impact on young players’ lives.

The 2023 Women’s Soccer World Cup in Australia and New Zealand started on July 20 and will continue until August 20. Robyn Moodaly is a part of the Banyana Banyana team, who entered the tournament as African champions after defeating hosts Morocco 2-1 in the 2022 Women’s African Cup of Nations final.

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