This Under Armour Iso-chill Kit Stops You Getting Hot During Workouts

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Fitness

Ever been in the middle of your HIIT sesh and just felt too. damn. hot. to continue? Yeah, us too. But luckily, Under Armour Iso-chill kit is here to be that workout buddy you never knew you needed.

Trust us, the Iso-chill microfibre technology is a huge game changer for us gym girls and runners alike.

So What Exactly Is Under Armour Iso-chill?

The Iso-chill technology debuted in late 2019 as a replacement for CoolSwitch. What’s CoolSwitch you ask? It’s a crystal technology which sent a cooling sensation back to your body once the garment tissue was activated by perspiration.

The key difference between Iso-chill and CoolSwitch is the introduction of the natural element Titanium Dioxide, which unlike its predecessor, expels heat *immediately* from the body when touched.

So How Does It Work?

Under Armour flattened out the fibres within their garments and added Titanium Dioxide (the natural element) to absorb UV energy. This allowed them to create workout gear that quickly pulls heat away from your skin – allowing you to continue for an extended period, at maximum capacity.

The specially designed fibres lay flat against your skin to evenly disperse heat, literally providing a cooling sensation to the touch. Umm, yes please!

Removing this concentrated heat allows athletes (we’re looking at you!) to increase the max-out time and increase output in any hot, high pressure situation. Say, a particular sweaty HIIT session or a fast 5km.

Our Fave Under Armour Iso-Chill Kit RN

Women’s UA Iso-Chill 200 Laser T-Shirt

Women's UA Iso-Chill 200 Laser T-Shirt

This is everything you’d want from a workout top. It’s breathable, light and cute.

Women’s UA Iso-Chill Run 2-in-1 Shorts

Women's UA Iso-Chill Run 2-in-1 Shorts

Running shorts that are comfortable, keep you cool *and* have a layer that won’t ride up as you hit the road? We love it!

Women’s UA Iso-Chill Run Short Sleeve

Women's UA Iso-Chill Run Short Sleeve

Everyone needs a reliable running top they can count on to help them get through those kms. Now you can up the ante and smash those PBs with this black running tee.

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