Unlock Major Ab Definition With This One Simple Move

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Fitness

By Michelle October; image from Freepik.com

Take the WH 30-day sit-up challenge and score sexy ab definition and a stronger core, all in under two minutes a day!

If exercises were gods, sit-ups would be Zeus: sometimes forgotten, but widely known as the king. Since your abs are a group of muscles, by doing the sit up you’re targeting any one or all of them directly when you’re crunching up. And as much as they suck, sit-ups are a staple move that yields consistent results: sculpted abs, and a core capable of carrying you through movements injury-free.

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A Little Every Day

Trying to sculpt a tummy with a little ab definition? You don’t have to bang out one hundred crunches a day ala Britney Spears. Just do a little every day and you’ll be seeing results in no time. We’re challenging you to do 50 sit-ups a day for a month. Track your progress by taking pictures and post them to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #WHSitupChallenge. Remember to tag Women’s Health for a chance to be featured on our social page! Can’t cope with 50 full sit-ups? You can spread them out throughout your day; say 10 in the morning, 20 before lunch, and 20 in the evening.

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Master The Sit-Up

Ready to start? Troubleshoot your form: 

1/ Your neck hurts. Brace your core before you sit up, and lift from your chest area.

2/ Your back is hurting. Focus on leading with your tummy, not your back. Lengthen your ribs before sitting up to protect your lower back.

3/ You’re out of breath. Breathe in on the floor, and out when you’re sitting.

Want more? These are the next-level combos you need to try. Or try these super-fast moves to tighten your core. 

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