The Sexiest Valentine’s Day Dates, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Relationships

It’s always tricky to decide what to do for Valentine’s Day. You could wait until the last minute to see what you feel like doing on the day of, but that skyrockets the odds you’ll be eating a “romantic” meal at your local fast food joint—a.k.a. the only place in town that doesn’t need a reservation.

You can also just randomly pick a place or go with your old standby date ideas, but where’s the sparkle in that? Luckily, the universe can help you plan a date night you’re practically guaranteed to love. And, given that each astrological sign is unique, the perfect Valentine’s Day date for each is, too.

That’s why we consulted Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counselling psychology, to help suss out the best V-Day plans to make, based on your sign. Try out her suggestions for a night you won’t forget.

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You want to do Valentine’s Day up right, Capricorn, and you know exactly how to make that happen. Figure out the place to go in your area and book your reservation now. You’ll love sharing that feeling of landing a coveted spot at the best restaurant in town. If your partner happens to bring you a single red rose and chocolates, even better.



You’re not into doing what everyone else is doing, Aquarius, and that’s true for Valentine’s Day, too. You’ll love giving tradition the finger and doing something random with your partner. Try scoring tickets to a cool concert, going rock climbing, or hitting up a contra dance. If it’s fun and different from the standard V-Day plans, you’re all about it.



You’re a super-romantic sign, which is why a classic Valentine’s Day is perfect for you, Pisces. Try dinner and a romantic movie, or plan to spend quality time at a candlelit restaurant with soft music playing in the background. Then, take things home and pour a bubble bath, complete with candles, strawberries, and chocolates. You’ll feel lucky to have such a perfect day to celebrate your love.



You crave excitement and love to be challenged, which is why a date with an element of risk is perfect for you. Try going skiing or ice skating with your S.O., and throw in fun challenges like little races. Those mini-competitions will leave you feeling all pumped up, frisky, and ready to take things between the sheets.



You’re down with tradition, Taurus, which is why you really want roses and chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Once you exchange gifts, head to a luxurious restaurant with decadent food where you can splash out. If you’re on a budget, try heading to a local coffee bar with delicious treats, and do dessert upright. You’ll love the feeling of celebrating each other in such a romantic setting.


MAY 21–JUNE 20

Make great plans, Gem, but also have a plan B in mind, just in case. You’ll love doing something fun and uplifting in a place where you can still hear each other talk. Try hitting up a jazz night or comedy club, or just look for something interesting in your area that you can do on the big night. As long as you feel like you and your partner can kick back and connect, you’ll be happy.



Romance is what you do, Cancer, which is why a quiet meal at home is perfect for you. You could cook a lavish meal…or just arrange takeout on pretty plates. Whatever you opt for, you’ll love having enough time with your S.O. to relax and not feel rushed in a quiet setting. Privacy is key, too, for when you’re ready to kick things up a notch.



You like to do things right, Leo—and Valentine’s Day is no exception. A meaningful gift exchange will start things off on the right note, followed by something with a fun, party atmosphere. Try a restaurant that also has dancing or take your S.O. to your friend’s Valentine’s Day party. Take a walk hand-in-hand when you leave—it’ll leave you feeling all kinds of romantic.



While you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to make a huge deal out of it or spend a ton of money—and that’s totally okay. You’ll love having an experience where you can kick back together, like getting couples massages. If you’re interested in the dinner route, try a restaurant that specializes in quality food with whole ingredients—you’ll leave feeling amazing.

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You love beauty, Libra, and you want to revel in it on Valentine’s Day. So, plan something where you can slip into an outfit that makes you feel gorgeous. Try a romantic date to a local botanical garden that has a café you can post up at afterwards, or hit up a museum where you can wander around together arm-in-arm. Being surrounded by beautiful things will make you feel all kinds of sexy—and you can take things from there.



You’re all about intensity, Scorpio, which is why hitting up a mystery movie or thriller is perfect for you. Sure, it’s unconventional, but it’ll really get you fired up for the night. Afterwards, head to a cosy club where you and your S.O. can cuddle in a corner booth and stare into each other’s eyes. You’ll revel in the sexual vibe before taking it home.



Valentine’s Day for you is all about breaking out of your usual and getting out of town. Head to a cosy B&B a few towns over or plan on hitting up an area that you’ve never been to before. For dinner, try a non-traditional restaurant with international cuisine. Sharing new experiences with your S.O. will make you feel amazing and super connected.

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