Trying The October Vegan Challenge? Here Are 4 Ways To Make It Easier

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Food & Nutrition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time of hope, a time of freedom! A time when everyone on Instagram is suddenly… trying vegan. ProVeg South Africa is hosting its nationwide Vegan Challenge in the month of October, and people are signing up – even the carnivores. The month is supported by events and content that’ll basically coach you in the right direction, so you don’t end up eating potatoes all day, every day.

And I, your gentle motivator, am here to guide you on this new journey without judgement.


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JK. I shall not judge. I am merely here to help you through this incredible time, where food seems to just open up to you in so many ways. But if you’re a hardened carnivore and suddenly find that mayonnaise is a touchy subject, I’ve come up with some tips that’ll make your month – and possibly the rest of your life – so much easier.

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Get Prepped

I cannot stress this enough. If you’re a healthy girl, chances are, you’re already packing lunches and prepping breakfasts. But in the beginning, you’ll need some extra prep. If you’re going out to dinner, check out the menu beforehand and call ahead if you’re not sure about their options. Opting for the Caesar salad will not save you – even without the anchovies and egg, it’s drowning in mayo, which is made with eggs. I’m sorry you had to find out this way.

If you’re always on the go, it’s a good idea to keep snacks in your handbag or in the car: try hummus (the best thing ever invented) with carrots and cucumber, or bananas and peanut butter. Don’t let yourself get too hungry when there are no good food options around – you’ll fall off the wagon and directly into a gallon of bacon.


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im gonna start being active again

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Rethink Meals

Obsessed with scrambled eggs? Try tofu scramble. Like chicken nuggets? There’s Fry’s for that. There’s a way to veganise every meal, but it’s important to remember that the basis of a standard meal is a little different. Instead of trying to replace meat and dairy, fill up on veggies. If you’re making pasta, load it up with mushrooms, spinach and broccoli.

Your waistline and cholesterol will notice the marked difference because you’ll be eating way healthier and getting more than your five-a-day. Trust me.

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Not only do vegan foods help you stay healthy and live longer, they can also make you look younger ??‍♂️?

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Join The Conversation…

This is important, especially if you’ve never tried veganism before and don’t know your soy milk from your almonds. There are tons of support groups, but definitely try the #SAVeganChallenge Facebook group and follow them on Instagram for tips and recipes. Boere Vegans is also a great resource for quirky info on vegan products you might not know about. FYI: Oreos are vegan. The Fry’s Facebook group also has lots of useful info.

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… But Don’t Get Into Debates

Once you’re enamoured and convinced this is the best and only way to truly live, you’ll be so tempted to go HAM (excuse the pun) on everyone else still eating boerewors rolls. Please: remain calm. Do not assert your views over others. Be accepting and kind. Everyone will come around eventually.


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lmao stay strong ????

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Join us at Festival! WH Live Festival is happening on the 10th and 11th of October, and Fry’s will be joining us with tons of incredible – and totally vegan – treats. There will be panel discussions on the topics you’ve been curious about, like veganism, by actual experts you can trust. Get your tickets here, now! 

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