“I’m A Vegan – Here’s Exactly What I Eat In A Day”

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Food & Nutrition

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Yes, I can eat bread. No, eggs are not vegan.

Since junior features writer Michelle October went vegan, she gets asked all the time about what she eats in a day. The truth? It’s all really easy and actually a little boring, once people realise she’s having everything they’re having, minus the meat and cheese. Here’s the lowdown on a typical day’s menu.


I have a desk gig and my mornings are mostly manic commuting to get to work on time. So breakfast happens at around 9am, at my desk. I keep a bunch of stuff in my drawer: peanut butter, oats, trail mix, Wazoogles (a really great vegan protein powder). Mostly, I have a bowl of oats with different toppings, depending on my mood. Other times, I make myself a smoothie bowl with the same ingredients, and top it with trail mix. What’s great is that you could sub the smoothie bowl as an afternoon snack too. I keep a box of soy milk in the office fridge for coffee and cereal; it usually lasts me more than a week.


At lunch, most staffers at WH HQ hit the gym, myself included. When I get back, my body is starving for nutrients and fuel, so I load up on veggies and healthy carbs. If it’s avocado season, I buy an avo at the street vendors right outside the office, and I’ll have that over two days on a cracker, or added to whatever meal I’m having. Most of the time, I’m eating leftovers from dinner the night before, but if I’ve been too lazy to cook, I’ll have avo on toast. (Quintessentially millennial, I know.)


I take the train home, and most of the time dinner is four or five hours away from lunch time, so to avoid being hangry (and traumatised) by the time I get home, I snack on peanut butter and banana on a cracker, or more avocado on crackers, or, if I have time, I make a smoothie with the stuff from breakfast.

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One of my favourite things to do is make a giant pot of curry on a Sunday, and eat it during the week. Barring that, I love whipping up a quick batch of vegan chili, with beans, homemade chili sauce, tomato and some soy sauce. I buy lots of frozen veggies and chuck that into everything so I get enough of my five-a-day. If I really need extra love, my favourite thing is to make tomato pasta.

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