Want To Perk Up Your Boobs? Do These Exercises

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Fitness

Photograph by Sean Laurenz

Ever wondered whether there was a way you could perk up your best friends through exercise? What if we told there was? The concept is similar to lifting your butt by building your glutes. Totally…

It’s no surprise that most women have said that they seem to be losing their breasts due to exercising, but these exercises will have them looking more elevated. Moment of silent joy required!

Quick anatomy lesson: your chest muscles lie underneath fatty breast tissue. As you work those muscles through moves like push-ups and dumbbell chest flies (two or three times a week), they become more defined, which causes them to rise – bringing your boobs with them. Another way those exercises make your chest look more elevated: by strengthening your core and upper back, you stand taller instead of slouching.

Do The Push-Up

Performing push-up exercises will help to both strengthen and improve the endurance of several muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest. Your boobs will not change in cup size, but you may notice very small increases in chest diameter as your muscle size increases.

However, they might decline in size as your body fat declines, but they will be perkier. Small mercies…

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Dumbbell Chest Flies

Dumbbell chest flies offer excellent benefits. Joey Rodrigues, a supplement expert and personal trainer, says dumbbell flies are a tremendous shaping movement. This is a move that doesn’t require much equipment to perform. And it’s pretty easy: simply lie on a bench and raise the dumbbells up from your sides to centre, then lower. Repeat. If you don’t have a bench, try lying on the floor and use canned foods for weights.

Besides shaping your boobs, they also allow them to remain flexible. Remember, this move should give you a good stretch but not any pain.

 You’re well on your way to perkier boobs!

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