Want To Tone Up In No Time? Get Your Glide On!

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Workouts

VIDEO: Got 15 minutes? That’s all you need to tone up with this full-body glider workout from Next Fitness Star finalist Aneeka Buys.
The weather’s warming up, days are getting longer and (ugh!) gyms are getting fuller! There’s always going to be that guy hogging machines on the circuit (seriously, can you not see the lights, buddy?) and who honestly has time to queue for a treadmill? Not you! This glider workout from Next Fitness Star finalist Aneeka Buys, a personal trainer at Virgin Active in Cape Town, is designed exactly for this conundrum. It combines cardio and strength training in one killer combo to tone your whole body, you can do it in any corner of the gym with a bit of floor space and, best of all, it’s quick – just 15 minutes and you’re done!
Ready to get started? Do this routine as a circuit. Starting with the first move – mountain climbers – do as many reps as you can in 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds, then move on to the next move. Once you’ve completed all moves, rest for a full minute, then repeat the whole sequence. You want to do three rounds in total.
Stay safe: If you’re not used to these movements, spend your first round doing them slowly and deliberately. For each rep, count to three from start to the top of the move and count to three again from the top of the move back to start.

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