We Tried “We Are Food” Frozen Meals — And These Were Our Standout Faves

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Food & Nutrition

“I’m a big fan of a quick fix,” admits Women’s Health editor Danielle Weakley, “so a highlight of our North Coast family holidays was descending on the Ballito food market to stock up on We Are Food’s frozen meals — aka I don’t like cooking while on hols.

“Anyhoo, in the grand scheme of the ‘your wish is my command’ school of thinking, We Are Food has now launched a national e-commerce platform, which means I don’t need a Ballito holiday in order to stock up!

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“My top picks are the creamy sun-dried tomato chicken (delicious served with brown rice and a green salad), melanzane (featured below, best side with a braai if you’re not hanging onto it for Meat-Free Mondays) and the butter chicken, which remains a resounding family favourite.

we are food

“The family-sized meals are generous for four, when served with a side, and the expectation is that you bang it in the oven from frozen, so no need to defrost if you live last-minute-dot-com like I do! First-time family buyers, I’d try the Family Value Pack, which includes all three of my favourites, as well as a beef lasagne, beef stroganoff and a vegetable lasagne.”

Family Value Pack (6 family meals, plus a cooler bag)

Country chicken bake

“I tried the Country Chicken Bake and absolutely loved it. It had been a long day of life admin, work and checking items off my chores list (I’m sure everyone can relate), so I was beyond grateful to know I had an already-prepped meal waiting for me at home.

“I usually prep meals for my week, but nothing exciting — stir fries, pasta — and after eating the same meal once or twice (or three times) it gets pretty boring. That’s when I start missing my Mom’s cooking, so let’s just say my expectations were pretty high for this country bake.

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“I followed the simple heating instructions and after 30 mins in the oven, the kitchen was smelling amazing and my tummy was growling. It was love at first bite. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t had the best day, or that I was super hungry, but this was such a delicious meal.

“How does it rank on the scale of Mom’s cooking? I mean it’s pretty close, which is about the best praise you can receive (but obviously Mumsie wins). I’m definitely getting my hands on more We Love Food meals in the future. Quick, easy, delicious and healthy!” — Cally Silberbauer, content producer

Low-carb cottage pie

“I had the Low Carb Cottage Pie and I absolutely loved this meal! I’m a person who loves convenience and you’ll seldom find me cooking, so We Are Food is something I’d consider for my own personal use. I enjoyed this meal because it was the low carb option and the mash used for the cottage pie wasn’t potato — it was cauliflower. The mince and seasoning were beautifully balanced and worked well with my palate.” — Ondela Mlandu, senior journalist

Thai red veggie curry

“I went for the Thai red veggie curry because A) I’m working hard at being more plant-based so I’m constantly on the lookout for new meal ideas to pinch and reinvent in my own kitchen later, and B) I’ve always been a tiny bit nervous of defrosted veggies — it must be a childhood thing. But there was no indiscernible green mush or limpness in this convenient little box of goodness.

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“The curry was aromatic and hearty. It would be perfectly paired with brown rice for an easy, nutritious desk lunch. I decided to save it for supper and chose to bulk it up with chickpeas (an amazing addition!), avo and a side salad.

“In the moment, I could’ve done with seconds — but in retrospect, it was the perfect sized portion and didn’t leave me feeling stuffed and yawny afterwards. I definitely recommend this cool service for those looking for quick, easy, healthy meals.” — Susan Barrett, digital managing editor 

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