This Couples’ Toy Will Remind You Why You Fell In Lust With Each Other In The First Place

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Toys

Calling all couples. This wearable vibrator could just become the star of your 2022 toy collection. Here’s why we seriously rate the We-Vibe Jive

Relationships are weird.

You know: solid relationships. Ones where you’re past the mildly inappropriate (but very delish) shagging-everywhere “teenage” stage. You’ve kinda settled into a comfy domesticity, where you can feel just as blissed out by a back rub or super-close-‘n-squeezy cuddle as you would lying in a pool of post-coital sweat, eyes crossed from oxytocin.

And it’s lovely. But…

Maybe there’s a tiny part of you that worries this is the first pebble in a giant libido landslide that’ll leave you fantasising about some random bearded guy on tv, and your actual bearded guy wanking alone in the loo. *Geeeez, that was scary.*

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Listen – it’s been two solid years and I still have to fight the urge to grab my beau’s bum every time he walks too close to my hand. But there is that little “thought nightmare” that just played out above. And there is always place for a new toy – especially one that reminds you why you fell in lust with each other in the first place.

So we’re bringin’ back the spark, baby!

Enter the We-Vibe Jive, a Bluetooth-controlled wearable vibrating “love egg”. Think: Lazy-girl-lovin’ hands-free play, solo or with a partner. Fool around in the same room: just pair your phone with Jive through the We-Connect app (free on Google Play and the Apple App Store).

We-Vibe Jive

Your mate in the middle of nowhere on business? *Wink.* The We-Vibe Jive is even better for long-distance relationships.  Both you and your partner download the app and Jive is paired to the phone that remains within Bluetooth range of the vibrator. Just add your partner with an invite from the app. And boom: Someone gets to control the fun, while the other lies back and… 💥💥💥.

Kicking it like you did in the just-post-Tinder days

Remember that night you made a vid wearing something casually sexy and breathily told [insert lover’s name] you wished he/she was there with you? And they pitched up 20 mins later on a motorbike with just a goofy smile and a pillow? (That actually happened to me. I also wasn’t actually prepared, haha.)

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Or when they were away in a hotel room and… well, you had “sex-ish” over vid for the first time? Remember how exciting that was? Bring it back. The We-Vibe app has a chat mode, plus video (yes!), so you can flirt up a storm before getting your buzz on.

And trust me, the We-Vibe Jive brings a proper BUZZ

There are a thrilling 10 rumbly G-spot-stimulating vibration modes to choose from, or switch between them as your body finds its groove – low, medium, high, ultra, pulse, wave, massage, tease, tempo, ramp. Or try this cool function: Create your own custom vibes (together, or secretly… because: sexy surprises are the only kind I like).

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Let your partner take control, whether they’re standing right in front of you watching you writhe (hottttt), or taking it ALL in remotely (also ridiculously hottttt). Or up the raciness by wearing it to a restaurant, the grocery store (lazy Sunday afternoon shopping just went next-level), your folks’ – ha! The only limitation is your imagination… and the law, obvs.

Harbouring mild reservations about wearing an “egg” on your trip to pick up actual eggs? Don’t be. Uniquely contoured and made of silky smooth body-safe silicone, Jive is designed to be comfy even for extended wear. The retrieval stem is flexible and bends to form to the outside of your body. So discreet and safe. Reviewers online abound: women on racy adventures on the subway, very *interesting* dinner dates with a partner, and long-distance relationships with some real excitement, finally.

One app to rule them all

Seriously, this app is cool. In fact, the We-Connect app is so damn popular it’s been used more than 15-million times all over the world since it launched seven years ago. And the creators have upped the ante by introducing darker screens for night-time use, more intuitive controls that allow natural gestures to control your vibe (nice!), plus a new full-screen in-app video chat for even deeper intimacy.

So the We-Vibe Jive might just be the perfect gift this year

Vibrations to suit every taste. Silky-smooth and comfy. Discreet. Waterproof. Rechargeable (convenient and eco-friendly) – it even has a “low power” alert. But, most importantly, a sexy way to reconnect with your fave. Make 2022 feel like the year you first met. Get the We-Vibe Jive at Desir for R2 399.

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