5 Tips That’ll Help You Figure Out If You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Style

By Zinhle Zikalala; photograph by Dewald Daniels

Just like bodies, bras come in all shapes and sizes. But with so many bras to choose from, finding the perfect fit can get a little overwhelming.

Here, how to: figure out your correct measurements and breast shape, and rock your bra – every time!

Know your size

Shocker: 80% of women don’t wear the correct bra size. “In fact, in our experience, we’d say the percentage is greater,” says Mo Thoka, professional bra fitter at Pandora Bra Studio. Sometimes it’s only a matter adjusting the straps or fitting the twins properly into their cups.

Find your perfect fit

The back of the bra needs to fit securely, yet comfortably, in a horizontal position. It is, after all, the foundation keeping the bra in place. The straps help lift and position your bust, but they must be tightened to a degree that’s firm but comfy. Feeling any pain? If a bra is riding up your back, it’s too big – go down a size.

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Ditch creepy shoulder straps

A slipping bra strap can mean a couple of things: it could be that your cup is too big, your shoulders are slouching forward, you haven’t tightened your straps properly, or your bra is too big for you. “The straps of a well-designed bra are positioned closer to the centre so they’re less likely to fall off your shoulders,” explains Mo.

Beat the bulge

Wearing a cup that fits properly will give your body a smooth appearance, sans the lumps and bumps that materialise when the cup is too small. Go a size up!

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Achieve a seamless look

To give your clothing a seamless look, you need to ditch the lace and crazy patterns. Look, each to her own, but there’s a time and place for lace – and it’s not the office…

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